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System Q Ltd is a UK distributor and manufacturer of CCTV equipment.

Our customer base is truly global with over 15,000 customers in the UK and overseas, with some as far away as Australia. If people across the globe order from us it means that back home in the UK you're dealing with a company that offers terrific value for money.

We only deal with the genuine trade!

We only sell to the bonafide trade... protecting those businesses that support our business.

Why do we only deal with trade? We want to support those businesses that support us!

As a manufacturer and distributor of CCTV equipment our aim is to serve the CCTV Installer, that is why we only support those businesses that install CCTV as their main sector of business, and that is why we have so many checks to ensure that customers are true Trade.

Our “end-user” PDF's that carry “anonymous” branding, such as the KaptureCCTV is done to assist our customers with their customers, and this is just one of the benefits we have in serving the business community.

Many of our competitors have “open” websites, so that anyone can find their products and ultimately buy from them directly.

This does not support the CCTV Installer and it is important to us that we protect and support those businesses that support us, and we genuinely want to see them grow... it's the only way we can grow!

Visit our Showroom

Come and visit the largest Trade Counter of working CCTV products in Europe, you can see and try any of our products before you buy.

Covert cameras, digital recorders and remote monitoring are all on display, wired and working. You can play, touch and evaluate the best solutions for your needs.

Account customers of System Q even have the ability to sample demo products F.O.C on their own premises, so you can really see before you buy.

If you haven't yet visited our Trade Counter you should do. It will be a real eye-opener into what we can offer you at truly astonishing prices.

Many Installers think brand names are important but their illusions are soon shattered when they see the better quality and specified products at a fraction of the price on our counter!