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System Q Quality Control

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We don't just batch test 1 in 50 products like our competitors, we test every single one!*

In our QC Department we have a team of people who check every electronic item we sell.

They power them up, check all the functions and only on a 100% test result do they mark the item with a unique bar-coded serial number to certify their quality so that we can offer you a full history on any product we have ever sold.

So when you get a product out of a box from us you know it has been carefully checked and tested before we send it to you.

You have the satisfying knowledge that when you’re on your way to site that the product you’re carrying in the back of the van has been genuinely carefully checked to minimise as much as is physically possible the eventuality of a "dead on arrival" product.

If you want to make sure you have been sent a product that's been thoroughly checked before you get it, make sure you buy it from us!

Resolution, colour reproduction and white balance are all checked.

*We test all electronic products but obviously not cables or connectors.