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CCTV Buyer's Guide To Eyeball Cameras

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Probably the most popular style of camera thanks to its sheer versatility in terms of mounting it on a ceiling or wall and looking the part both indoors and out. Here’s some pointers on what to look for when buying an eyeball camera…

A B C to go for...


An extra deep base is a great accessory as it creates extra room for easier cabling when installing the camera and allows you to conceal the camera connections.

Best of both worlds... opt for a NiteDevil Eyeball camera, such as the SEE870W,  which combines the most wanted features in a CCTV camera, making it a top recommendation for most CCTV systems.  The attractive eyeball design means that it has the ability to manoeuvre to capture most views once installed and a sleek appearance, with all the advantages of a hi definition NiteDevil dome that can see in the dark with the added help of 2 extra high powered IR LEDs for distances up to 40 metres.

Consider a motorised lens option to save you time setting up the lens: there's no need to worry about the challenge of setting the focus of your camera as the lens can automatically adjust the focal length of the camera for you!

What To Avoid:


A camera design where the IR LEDs are under the same lens glass as the camera itself can risk the possibility of the IR reflecting back off the glass into the camera itself and causing picture distortion.

60 Second Guide:

60 Second guide

Use these quick tests to check you are getting the best from your eyeball’s LEDs...

IR LED test

Read the full tip here. Tip 63.

The Facts:

The Facts

Today’s LED bulbs are up to 7 times more efficient than the old style incandescent light bulbs cutting energy usage by over 80% and lasting over 25 times longer.

Related CCTV Tips:

How to fit CCTV

Did You Know?

Did you know?

The first visible-spectrum LED was invented at General Electric in 1962 in the form of red diodes swiftly followed by yellow and green but it wasn’t until the 1990s that the blue diode was invented that quickly led to the discovery of white LEDs.

Jargon Buster:

Mechanical IR Filter – Removes unwanted IR light during the day, giving the the best possible image!

Wide Dynamic Range – Balances bright and dark areas, such as when the sun is shining through a window directly towards the camera.

Privacy Masking – Allows you to block out areas not to record in your camera's full view, such as neighbour's windows, so that you are compliant with the Data Protection Act!

Read the full CCTV Jargon Buster.

In The News:

In the News

The latest crime survey shows that in 2016 the police recorded 4.8 million offences, an increase of 9% compared with the previous year. Make sure YOUR property is protected with a top quality CCTV camera and that you keep all data secure and clearly labelled to help the police crack down on crime!

...and Finally:

And Finally

This guide plus other handy CCTV installation tips can be downloaded FREE from our CCTV Installer's Help Zone.

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