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CCTV Buyer's Guide To Monitors

CCTV Buyers Guide Part 2: PSUs

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  2. What To Avoid
  3. 60 Second Guide
  4. The Facts
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  7. Jargon Buster
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Unlike TVs in our own homes, the screen we use to view our CCTV on is often almost an afterthought with little attention paid to some of the details that can make a big difference in ease of viewing recorded footage. Our CCTV Buying Guide helps point you in the right direction…

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A B C to go for...

32inch Monitor HD-TVI LCD832

Anti-glare screens so an operator can easily view live footage or playback for long periods of time without eye strain.
Built in audio so it’s easy to add a microphone to any of the CCTV cameras in the future.
Consider where the screen will be situated. Desk mount or wall mount. What VESA fittings does it have for a bracket if wall mount? Check out our VESA Tip mentioned below.

What To Avoid

  • Cheap screens with low resolutions that won’t support the latest HD technology. Look for 1920x1080 full HD for a 20” + display.
  • Recycling an old screen, chances are technology has moved on since it was designed and you’ll be downgrading your CCTV images and your security for the sake of a few hundred pounds.
  • A screen without an HDMI socket, most HD equipment now features an HDMI output.
  • Paying too much if you can avoid it. 4K screens with 3840x2160 offer superb quality but for the moment are relatively high cost (£300+) and unless you look at 4K recording equipment you won’t really see the benefits just yet.

60 Second Guide

60 Second guide
  1. Find out where the screen will be fitted and look at how to mount.
  2. Check the interconnecting equipment such as CCTV cameras and DVRs, what technology are they? What outputs do they have?
  3. Cross check that your preferred size screen is compatible.
  4. Measure the likely cable route from equipment to the screen. Add at least 10% for any contingencies.
  5. Don’t forget to order suitable cables & leads with your screen.

The Facts

The Facts

Most screens have a life expectancy of over 40,000 hours (around 4.5 years if used 24/7) so you’re more likely to want an upgrade before it has chance to fail on you.

Related CCTV Tips:

How to fit CCTV

Did You Know

Did you know?

4K Ultra HD technology marks a shift in tech jargon where 4k refers to approximately 4,000 pixels for horizontal resolution. Previously the vertical figures were used such as 1080p so in old money 4K would be called 2160p!

Jargon Buster

Jargon Buster

4K - 3840 x 2160 pixels.
CCFLs - (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) used to backlight a screen and are much bigger and thirstier on power than LEDs.
CRT - Cathode Ray Tube ie, the original big box screens.
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display.
LED - Refers to how an LCD screen is actually back-lit with LEDs rather than CCFLs.
Plasma – The forerunner of flat screen technology uses small cells of electrically charged ionized gases called plasmas. Now old technology.
Response Time – the time it takes for a pixel to change from one shade to another say black to white. A time 8 milliseconds or less should be perfect for CCTV use without displaying any signs of a “ghosting” or lag effect.

Read the full CCTV Jargon Buster here

In The News

In the News

At the CES 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, Dell launched the thinnest display yet at 6.9mm thick - the same as an iPhone 6.

...and Finally

And Finally

This guide plus other handy CCTV installation tips can be downloaded FREE from our CCTV Installer's Help Zone.

Have Your SayTell us what you look for when selecting a CCTV product in our 30 second CCTV survey

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Sources: www.tftcentral.co.uk

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