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Thumbnail image for item ALIENMAX 8-CH 2TB D1  REAL-TIME

Perfect for high-end retail and public sector installations!


  • Priority HDD Management
  • Loopthrough Outputs
  • Duplicate Drive Recording
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Playback
  • HDMI Ready
  • D1 Recording 25FPS All Channels
  • File Lock
  • Intelligent Recording
  • Instant Detective
  • 2 Zone Talkback

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The alienMax is perfect for high-end retail and public sector installations. The new alienMax DVR boasts all the extra features of the alienHybrid has but without the capability for IP cameras.

Up to D1 Resolution

alienMax can record in real-time 25FPS on all channels in D1 resolution, DVD quality 704x576, which means you’ll never miss a thing.

Instant Detective

Instant Detective is a great feature for recordings captured in busy public spaces such as stations or airports as it can be used to limit the time spent by an operator or the police reviewing hours of recorded footage.

Two Zone Talkback

2-way audio channel allows a user to talkback to two separate areas under surveillance using an external speaker such as the VoiceOff.

Priority HDD Management

Allocate key cameras to a drive for recording whilst remaining cameras are left with the remaining drives to share; giving extended recording time to the key camera. In effect each camera can be given a certain amount of its own disc space.

|Duplicate Drive Recording

alienMax has a "Duplicate" drive recording facility, where the DVR can be managed to make two drives record the same images, thus creating a back up within the DVR itself in case of a hard drive error.

High Definition Multimedia Interface

The alienMax supports full HD displays giving you crisp, high quality CCTV images with superb colour definition and no compression loss.

File Lock

If an immediate copy of evidence cannot be made, the DVR has a "File Lock" facility to prevent a recorded file from being overwritten completely. This can be unlocked once it is certain that a copy has been made.

Control Devices Remotely

Using the CCTV Window software, you can remotely control up to 4 relays from anywhere in the world. Floodlights, electric gates, a bell box or a sounder can be switched on and off using this superb feature.

Email Notification of an Alarm Event

Be alerted of a visitor or an intruder at home when you’re at work, from your business when you’re not there or wherever you are in the world! The DVR sends an email with 3 JPEG attachments showing the "activated" CCTV camera image taken before, during and just after the alarm event occurs.

This model is fitted with a 2Tb hard drive.


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Package Content

  • Alien Max 8 Channel DVR
  • Alien Client Software
  • Alien DVR 8GB Flash Drive
  • Alien DVR Remote
  • Power Supply
  • USB Mouse
  • RJ45 Patch & Crossover Leads
  • 9 x SATA Cable
  • Fixing Screws
  • 2 x Rack Mount Brackets

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