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Thumbnail image for item ALIEN HYBRID 4-CH W/ DVD + 1TB

Dual IP & Analogue gives the Best of Both Worlds!


  • D1 Resolution H264
  • Dual Analogue & IP Camera Input
  • Real-Time Recording On All Channels
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Playback
  • Stunning Picture Quality
  • Unlimited Monitoring & Intergration
  • Records IP MegaPixals and Analogue Cameras
  • Intelligent Video Motion Detection

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The superb alienHybrid HVR works with both analogue cameras and IP cameras. This makes CCTV systems and upgrades easier all round. Installers don't have to worry about compatibility and end-users can upgrade their VCR or DVR to the alienHybrid HVR but still use their existing analogue cameras and add new IP ones as and when needed.

NB. This model is fitted and commissioned with 1TB of HDD and on-board DVD writer already installed.

2-way Talkback

By connecting a microphone locally to the HVR and wiring a loudspeaker system such as the VoiceOff from the HVR to a surveillance area, the CCTV operator can talk back to 2 separate zones.

This feature can be used for security purposes to warn off an intruder for business and property management purposes by using it to communicate with a visitor at the entrance gates.

For the majority of businesses that are not manned 24/7, using the Talkback feature gives the owner/manager an extra pair of eyes and voice even when they are not there. If an intruder breaks into the property or its perimeter during the night, they can be alerted by an alarm input such as a break beam detector and then "warn off" the intruder.

Instant Detective

Allows you to select a specific area in an image recording and search it for video motion detected events.

For Example: A car is stolen from a car park. Instant Detective allows the CCTV operator to select the area in the camera’s image where the car had been parked and look for video motion detection within a given time slot that occurred only in the depicted area. Any activity within that area of the camera’s recorded image can quickly be accessed and saved for vital video evidence.

Instant Detective is a great feature for recordings captured in busy public places such as stations or airports as it can be used to limit the time spent by an operator or the police reviewing hours of recorded footage. Currently this feature is unique to the Hybrid and can be operated within the HVR and CCTVwindow software.

Unsurpassed HDD Management

The alienHybrid has unsurpassed HDD management allowing critical cameras to be allocated certain drives for recording.

For example, a key camera overlooking a till can be allocated 1 drive for its recording whilst remaining cameras can be left with the remaining drives to share. The benefit would be that the till camera has an extended recording period before it will overwrite.

This feature is further enhanced with the "Duplicate" drive recording facility, where the HVR can be managed to make 2 drives record the same images, thus creating a back up within the HVR itself in case of a hard drive error.

Where file back ups are required for evidence purposes, quick copies can be made on to a USB stick or using the HVR’s built in CD/DVD writer.

If an immediate copy of evidence cannot be made, the DVR has a "File Lock" facility to prevent a recorded file from being overwritten completely. This can be unlocked once it is certain that a copy has been made.

Alarm Signals over IP

On IP cameras the trigger is sent to the HVR over the network requiring no additional wiring back to the HVR.

Each camera including any connected IP cameras can be linked to an alarm input such as a PIR, break beam, door contact or panic button to activate recording from that camera. An intelligent buffer system retains recorded footage from prior to the event occurring as well as for the predefined alarm time.

Recordings can also be triggered for video loss and tampering so if a camera is damaged, this will be seen as an alarm and footage will be retained from prior to the damage.

This feature is further enhanced by the ability to activate relays to control sounders, strobes, lights, voice warnings to deter suspected intruders.

Control up to 4 Devices over IP

Using the remote control relays with in the client software, you can connect to the alienHybrid via a PC or laptop and switch up to 4 devices on or off. When used with IP cameras, the alienHybrid can trigger a relay for each one - up to a total of 4!

These relays can control lights, gates, bell boxes and sounder devices such as the VoiceOff alarm-activated sound and voice warning unit or other suitable devices to detect intruders or give access to bonafide visitors.

For example, you may see an intruder on site and want to warn them off by triggering a sounder from the comfort of your office or even from your home miles away.

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Package Content

  • Alien Hybrid 4 Channel DVR
  • Alien Client Software
  • 8GB Flash Drive & USB Mouse
  • Alien DVR Remote
  • Power Supply
  • RJ45 Patch & Crossover Leads
  • 7 x SATA Cables
  • Fixing Screw & 2 x Rack Mount Brackets

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