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Protect your future sales today by having your own logo!

Your Customers see Your Logo

We can offer FREE† branding on your DVRs and CCTV cameras, we can even brand CCTV Window software and boot up screens.

What do I need to do?

Call us today on 01246 200 000 to discuss your exclusive customer branding with a member of our team. You will be asked to send your artwork as big as possible. EPS or PDF format at 300DPI is ideal but don't worry, just send what you have.

How does this benefit me?

Easy contact - If your customers require your services again in the future they will be able to quickly identify your logo on their cameras/DVRs which is great for return business!

Professionalism - Add extra value to your services, without adding onto the cost. Branding is a great way to get an edge on your competition!

What other branding options are there?

We can also brand the boot up screens of DVRs with your name, contact details or whatever you desire to help promote your business. If you fancy even further customisation we offer the following:

alien Vu (custom)


A custom skinned version of our simple live viewing and playback software.

Part Code: SOFT535

alien Show


A standalone viewer is a great promotional tool - offer your customers their own branded version!

Part Code: SOFT545

For more information call us on 01246 200 000 or email our Sales Team

  • † MOQ terms may apply.