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Recently update for the new GDPR legislation this handy compliance kit gives your customer everything they need to keep their CCTV system compliant.

The kit includes:

  • Guide & Summary –To get you up to speed quickly with the Data Protection Act and your responsibility as a CCTV user.
  • Paper Forms & Logs – Helps you to keep your CCTV organised and allows easy, clear documentation of incidents.Protective Folder for Log – Helps prevent wear and tear to important CCTV documents.
  • CD Copy of Documents – For easy reprints.
  • 1 x A3 Warning Sign, 1 x A4 Warning Sign, 20 Warning Stickers – Warns the public that they are being monitored by CCTV, which is required by the Data Protection Act.
  • 20 x DVDs with Protective Disc Cases – Back up your footage to DVDs to keep your CCTV data safely stored, organised and ready to supply as evidence at any time.
  • 20 x Disc Evidence Stickers – Useful so you can clearly label the time, date, location and any other information regarding an incident. Prevents data mix-ups or destruction of important footage and helps you to identify any out of date footage.
  • Storage Box – Keep your kit in one place so that it doesn't get lost, stolen or damaged.

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Plus we have a team of 8 technicians specialised in networking and CCTV installation that are just a phone call away to offer support and advice. You can even meet them for yourself at our regular training days – check here for the latest CCTV Training Course dates available.

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