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BIG BUNDLE SAVING - 8 Channel ZipXtreme 4K Quad Technology DVR, 8 Midi 4K Cameras and a ZIPsto 4 bay expander

The Xtreme is the perfect choice if your business relies on CCTV to operate to its maximum potential. For example the high quality 4K (8MP) recordings make the Xtreme ideal for licensed premises or retail outlets where footage might end up as evidence to convict troublemakers or serial shoplifters.

H265 compression means the Xtreme uses hard drive space conservatively but an eSATA facility means fitting the additional low-cost ZipSTOR HDD enclosure takes just seconds for an extra 4 hard drive bays. Ideal for long term storage of footage where it might take several days for a crime to come to light and particularly useful if you have premises visited by the public.

An BNC spot monitor output allows camera images to be fed to additional equipment such as distributors or extra displays and works in tandem with the HDMI and VGA outputs for linking up screens.

Not just for commercial environments for the little extra the Xtreme is a strong contender for home installations too. The latest crime stats (March 19) show that theft from outside dwellings had significantly increase over the last 12 months so it's well worth considering one to protect vehicles and caravans on your driveway. The 4K footage is great for use as evidence.

The mouse control over the friendly blue disk menu (similar to the Zip NVR) means you can get to most of the DVR settings you need in less than 3 clicks. It really is child's play to use and the second USB can be left free for doing quick evidence back ups.

Working with up to 4K cameras (whether TVI, CVI or AHD) extra IP cameras can be added to the DVR too as a bonus to the existing channels so there is capacity to expand your system at a later date.

Just like the SUPA, the Xtreme features up to 16 alarm and 16 audio inputs. The alarm channels are good for using on external cameras where they can be triggered by PIR or break beam detectors when a person or vehicle approaches a property. Indoors they can be used with a door contact when someone enters a stock room and the audio is a great addition on these channels too so you can hear what is going on and not just see it.

SEE818B Camera

A Midi sized HD camera with a powerful IR array instead of multiple IRs to help minimise reflection from insects or spider’s webs. Perfect for capturing top quality, true day to night images.

Featuring 4-in-1 video technology so it is compatible with most CCTV equipment new or old. Set as HD-TVI as the popular default technology, it can also be switched to AHD or the less popular CVI. Handy for upgrades too, it even has an analogue output that could be used on old recorders that still need an upgrade to HD.

The SEE815 is a great midi design ideal when you’re looking for your CCTV system to be more low key.

IPP66 and available in black or white with no contrasting lens rim it can seamlessly blend into interior or exterior installs, with a choice of sleek and classic black (great for public spaces as it won't stand out) or contemporary white to blend perfectly into an indoor space.

The case design makes fitting the camera easy.

If you’re looking to mix and match your system with IP cameras, the IPCZIP815 shares the same sleek case design.


The ZipStor makes it easy to add additional hard disc capacity to your ZIP NVR or DVR.

Designed in smart attractive enclosure to match the ZIP NVR/DVR it sits either on top or below it for fully integrated look.

An eSATA cable (supplied) is used to link the two devices and then it adds instant additional HDD storage to your Zip installation.ZipStor diagram

It means it is very easy to upgrade and add additional storage at to the ZIP NVR/DVR as your customer's needs or wishes change. All this can be done in minutes without even taking the lid of the ZIP NVR/DVR.

For forward thinking installers it means you don't have to worry too much about HDD capacity of the ZIP system upfront as the ZIPstor offers superb future proofing.

The ZipStor offers masses of potential to your CCTV system with 4 bays to add up to a 10TB hard drive in each. Yes a massive 40TB of additional storage !!

Choose from the great value Bare Bones model or buy it pre-loaded with drives to save you formatting time.

The ZIPstore works with all ZIP NVRs and ZIP DVRs that have the eSATA connector fitted.

*Currently this is all models excluding the ZIP NVR models ZIP104/204 and ZipLITE DVR.

CCTV Help Zone

Need help or advice? Check out our database of over 300 How to fit CCTV guides here, packed full of handy advice, drawings and time saving tips.

Plus we have a team of 8 technicians specialised in networking and CCTV installation that are just a phone call away to offer support and advice. You can even meet them for yourself at our regular training days – check here for the latest CCTV Training Course dates available.

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