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FASTFIX8 includes 100M cable, power supply, HDMI lead, cable clips, connectors and even 4 CCTV Warning Signs. Just add a DVR, cameras and a screen.

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Fast Fix

Did You Know...?

The new HD TVision range of cameras have simultaneous HD and analogue outputs so you can fit them in legacy installations ready for the system to be upgraded in the future.


AntiVandal 2.8-12mm 4K Dome White

This 4K model also described as 8MP offers stunning Ultra-HD quality capturing detail even the human eye can miss. Perfect choice for high end installs. Good choice if you’re fitting a 4K DVR such as the new Zip Xtreme.

AntiVandal Dome

CCTV Cameras

We are a leading UK manufacturer with over 20 years’ experience in designing and supplying quality CCTV cameras to over 15K trade installers.

  • Dual technology makes it easier to upgrade systems now or in the future
  • Handy installation features like: Built-in Baluns and Up-the-Coax Control
  • Quality images even in low light with our NiteDevil technology
  • Rigorous quality control – We test every camera!
  • FREE Next Day UK Delivery on orders over £50
  • FREE Technical Support by our experts based here in the UK

We have an extensive range of CCTV cameras, each of which have their own advantages and also their own limitations. It is up to you, the installer, to specify the right camera for the job to ensure you are meeting all of your customer’s expectations. We are an excellent source of knowledge and are happy to help you choose the best camera from our range to suit your specifications and budget.

Camera Guide

To make selecting the right camera easier all of our products are coded with the following technology key. Remember many of our cameras have dual technology to ensure they are compatible with existing and future systems.

Used in most CCTV system since its invention over 25 years ago. It is strongly recommended that you fit a dual output CCTV camera to allow users to upgrade recording devices to HD in the future.
Usually full 1080P HD quality, this technology offers a great value HD solution that makes use of existing Co-ax cable runs to good effect.
Is the HD standard used in the broadcast industry so as expected it offers great quality images in 1080P and uses existing Co-ax cable too.
Increasingly popular technology making use of a customer’s existing network infrastructure.

How to Future-proof your CCTV system… CCTV Camera Technologies Explained

As technology advances daily so do the integral electronics inside CCTV cameras and peripheral equipment. High Definition (HD) adds a whole new range of choices for installers and end users into the already seemingly complicated CCTV market.

Most legacy systems that are more than 3-4 years old will almost certainly be Analogue and not HD quality so it's important to check when visiting site exactly what technology is being dealt with if your customer is looking to upgrade certain parts of their system.

To simplify choices most of our new HD cameras have a dual output that includes an analogue as well as an HD output. Our alien DVR range has tri-brid compatibility with Analogue, HD-TVI and IP too so backwards compatibility can be maintained with analogue cameras and future compatibility maintained with HD and IP models.

So if you're looking to do an upgrade job, looking at these future-proof options makes commercial sense as it will give you the opportunity for future HD and IP sales.

Here is an overview of the different styles of CCTV cameras and where you are likely to use and install them. Remember to choose a style that will suit the environment, does it need to blend in, be hidden or stand out? Does it need to be able to move or can it be stationary?

Dome & Eyeball & All-in-One Cameras

This is our most popular great all-rounder range. These cameras provide a neat appearance indoors or outdoors with various levels of functionality, some with anti-vandal properties. Because of their discreet nature they are popular in installations where a more subtle approach is required in architecturally sensitive areas. Many also carry 'NiteDevil' functionality which allows the camera to produce images in extremely low light making the cameras ideal for pubs and clubs.

PTZ Cameras

Standing for 'Pan, Tilt, Zoom', these cameras are able to scan or zoom across a wide area via a control keypad. In many cases it can be scheduled to scan an area via pre-set tours and when motion is detected it will automatically zoom into a pre-programmed position(s). PTZs are ideal when operators are monitoring street areas and as such have become the mainstay of local authority installations. However they can be used to cover wide areas where budgets are tight and a single PTZ camera can take on the work carried out by multiple fixed cameras such as warehouses, parking lots and larger residential gardens.

Covert or Spy Cameras

There is a growing demand for covert cameras in the marketplace. These miniature cameras can be installed almost anywhere and in many cases need only a pinhole to view the world from. Covert cameras have a multitude of uses from general surveillance to 'Button Hole' CCTV. Courts now require closer cropped images for evidential purposes and it is here that covert cameras can really excel.

Door Entry Cameras

Door entry cameras are quickly becoming a popular low cost residential and commercial request. The door camera allows your customer to control access to a home or building, when the buzzer is pressed the camera records the caller and your customer can speak to the caller and choose to remotely open the door or gate. Our range of DoorKnox cameras can be easily wired directly to a monitor or connected to a DVR for extensive additional features.

Traditional Cameras

Traditional Cameras' have been the stock in trade for the CCTV industry for years. They are reliable and available in a number of formats. They also represent the familiar face of CCTV to end users. Used in conjunction with heated housings they offer the option for external installation and exist as a strong deterrent. They may also feature Varifocal lenses and Auto-Focus.

There is an extensive range of features on CCTV cameras, below we have explained the features we think you will find the most helpful in choosing a camera.

External vs Internal Cameras

You need to know if the camera is going indoors or outdoors and also what environmental factors the camera could be affected by such as rain, dust in a factory or building site, vandalism, etc…

All of our external cameras have an IP rating listed so you know how 'tough' it is. IP Ratings are a two digit numeric representation of a cameras ability to withstand environmental forces. The first number represents the resistance of the item to solids such as dust particles, whilst the second figure represents its resistance to liquids. Most of our cameras are IP66 rated meaning total protection against dust and liquid protected against strong jets of water.

Remember that all of our external cameras are 100% suitable for internal installations!

Iris Control: Fixed, Manual, Auto or Varifocal Lenses

Light intensity will vary with the scene. Although cameras are designed to deal with a variety of light levels there are times when the light entering the camera needs to be controlled. The lenses iris can allow either more or less light to fall on to the CCD chip to control final light levels.

Auto Iris or Varifocal Lens
The lens and the camera work together to continuously and automatically optimise the amount of light allowed through to the camera by controlling the lens iris using a small electric motor built into the lens. Auto iris lenses come in 2 types: video and direct drive. Great feature for external cameras operating in day to night conditions.
Manual Iris Lens
By manually adjusting the 'Iris Ring' on the lens, you can alter the amount of light that is let through to the camera. Suitable Lens for indoor installations with minimal to no lighting changes.
Fixed Iris Lens
The lens cannot be adjusted to alter the amount of light that it lets through to the camera.

Optical Zoom Vs Digital Zoom Lenses

If you need to view a large area at a long distance and be able to capture clear faces or license plates then you should definitely consider a camera with Optical Zoom.

To keep it simple Optical Zoom occurs when the camera lens itself zooms into an object and Digital Zoom occurs after the image is captured by cropping and blowing up an image.

Optical Zoom
Offer an installer greater flexibility in positioning cameras. The angle of view is adjustable and therefore can be set to suit a particular scene. This can be of great help when image composition is critical and the scope for estimating lens focal length is limited. As this all occurs via the lens itself it will result in a higher quality image than Digital Zoom.
Digital Zoom
Very often the camera can offer a digital zoom. This utilises a progressively smaller sample from the CCD chip to produce a closer image. Whilst useful in some cases the installer should be aware that less and less of the original resolution will be used and that a natural degrading of the image will occur.

IRs and True Day/Night Technology vs NiteDevil Technology

You will need to know how much ambient light is available where the camera is being installed. The installer needs to know if a camera will need to be operated in low light conditions, how low that light actually is and how large an area the camera is recording. Depending on the camera you choose you may need additional lighting in the form of Infra-red or halogen floods.

Option 1: Camera with IRs and a True Day-Night or Electronic IR Filter

Many 'Day Night' cameras carry on-board illumination in the form of IR LEDs (Infra-Red Light Emitting Diodes), this light is not visible to the human eye. Working in conjunction with a light sensor, they are triggered to turn on when ambient light levels drop to a point where the CCD is no longer capable of capturing a quality image.

Installers need to be aware that the illumination from IR LEDs takes the form of a torch-like beam. It does not act like a flood light and thus is not a good solution for recording large areas at night.

A filter sits in front of the CCD during visible light hours and cuts out the IR light that would normally be detected by the chip allowing good colour and brightness representation of a daytime scene. During low light conditions the filter is automatically removed to allow the CCD chip to receive all the IR light, but remember IR images will appear as Black & White, as colours are part of the visible spectrum not IR spectrum.

Option 2: Camera with NiteDevil technology

Amongst other things such as higher performance electronics and a higher sensitivity CCD, NiteDevil uses the combination of a longer light exposure and an ultra-fast DSP chip to produce the astonishing low light images.

One of the main advantages of NiteDevil’s lower light technology is there is no limit to the distance the camera will see (other than the lens that is fitted) as it uses the overall ambient lighting of the area it covers rather than relying upon the maximum distance and spread of an IR light. Such as spotting intruders as they approach by just using the minimum ambient light of a full moon, when the intruder gets close to the property either street lights, security lights or a light from an office window will usually give enough quality to identify people, offering a great result!

In addition because NiteDevil is not using IRs the night-time video will be in colour, not in black & white!

Quick Comparison - Best Selling Cameras

Style Dome Eyeball All-in-One Covert Traditional PTZ Door Entry
Model SEE366 SEE810 SEE835 CAM351 CAM343L SEE-PTZ605 VDP101
Technology TVI, CVI, AHD & A T & A T & A S & A S & A T & A A
Location Outdoor & Indoor Outdoor & Indoor Outdoor & Indoor Indoor Only Indoor Only Outdoor & Indoor Outdoor & Indoor
Anti-vandal body Y - IP66 Y - IP66 Y - IP66 N N Y - IP66 Y - IP64
Lens Focus Varifocal Varifocal Varifocal Fixed Varifocal Varifocal Fixed
Lens Size 2.8-12mm 2.8-12mm 2.8-12mm 4.5mm 2.8-12mm 4-92mm or 4.5-135mm 3.7mm
Mega Pixel 5MP 2.1MP 2.1MP 2.1MP 2.1MP 1.3MP or 2MP  
Resolution 2560 x 1944 1920 x 1080p 1920 x 1080p 1080p @ 25/30fps 1080p @ 25fps 1080p @ 25fps 800TVL
Zoom None Digital 8x Digital 8x Digital 62x Digital 64x Digital 12x plus Optical 23x or 30x None
Wide Dynamic Range Y Y Y Y Y Y N
NiteDevil Technology N N N Y Y Y N
IR's x40 x36 x42 N N N Y
IR Range 40M 25m 40m na na na ?
IR Day/Night Filter Y Y Y N Y Y N
Built-in Baluns N N N N N N N
Up-the-Co-ax Control N Y Y N N Y N
Size D146mm x H115mm D118mm x H98mm L305mm x H83mm x W83mm W35mm x H38mm L1120mm x H65mm x W60mm D236mm x H290mm H124mm x W45mm x D50mm
Colour White or Black White or Grey White or Grey Black Brushed Gold Silver or Ivory aluminium
Power 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC & 24V AC & 240V AC 24V AC 12V DC