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Basic Video Entry Kit A low cost video entry system. Contains door camera and monitor.

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Did You Know...?

DoorKnox is a low cost but feature packed video entry system. The occupier can view visitors at the door on a monitor, talk via intecom and open a gate release. The secure access door camera can allow entry by keyfob or pin.


NEW DoorKnox Entry Systems! -

A new range of video doorbells and video entry monitors which you can mix & match!

DoorKnox Kits

A low-cost video entry system that you can even connect to a DVR!

Use as a stand alone system or integrate into the alienDVR to record, control and remotely monitor with other additional features such as mobile phone viewing.

  • Records video (2min) or images (80) of callers onto an SD card*
  • Can control access to 2 doors
  • Up to 4 monitors per system
  • Connect up to 3 CCTV cameras
  • Connect a DVR to its video output

*Intergate to an alienDVR for unlimited video recording, Email images & mobile viewing/control.

Monitor DoorKnox

DoorKnox is a low-cost but feature packed video door entry system. In its basic format it consists of 1 monitor located inside a property and a camera with a “call-button” on the outside of the property. When someone presses the call-button it chimes the monitor and the person who is inside the property can see the visitor. A two-way intercom then allows the occupier to chat to the visitor and if they choose to they can then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor come in. As a stand-alone system the SD card will record 2 minutes or 80 still images every time the call-button is activated, which can be played after the event directly from the monitor or from a PC.

Choice of three wiring options!

Its easy to wire a DoorKnox system using the types of cable you use day in and day out on CCTV installations.
You can cable a system using any of the 3 following cables:

Diagram DoorKnox