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Delivery Details

Easy to fit IP CCTV!

The Zip IP range consists of a complementary range of cameras and NVRs (Network video recorders) that work seamlessly together. You literally plug them in and they work! Zip PoE NVRs feature “Power over Ethernet” (PoE) so they actually also power the cameras directly removing the need for your CCTV cameras to have a separate power supply.

System Q have been serving the CCTV trade for over 20 years and the Zip range is exclusive ONLY to the CCTV trade so unlike our competitors you won’t see it everywhere online like Amazon, eBay etc.

Zip is exclusive to the CCTV trade to protect the true CCTV installer, maintaining his margins and making winning business much easier. After all, who wants to compete selling the same or similar products that are available direct to the public? No one, so that’s where the Zip fits in the market place.

Sure the Zip may be a few extra quid more than the mass marketed brands but when you get exclusivity you can charge more and win more sales.

More Information on the Superb ZipNVR range here.


Fast Fix Kits - All the accessories you need to get your CCTV system up and running, just add you!

FASTFIX8 includes 100M cable, power supply, HDMI lead, cable clips, connectors and even 4 CCTV Warning Signs. Just add a DVR, cameras and a screen.

Saves over £20 on normal trade prices!

Fast Fix

Did You Know...?

The 'Zip226' has a huge 32 channels so is great for larger CCTV systems.

But it's still ultra easy to fit, just like the others. ZIP226


Stylish & Compact Eyeball Camera -

With just a 90mm diameter this superb little camera is perfect for shops, offices or modern buildings wanting a compact design.

Check out the IP-CAM800B in more detail IP-CAM800B