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5 Easy Ways to run out cable

5 easy ways to organise & run out cable

We stock a number of products that help a CCTV installer feed cable through cavity walls, under floorboards, ceiling ducts and any small space. Here we demonstrate what they are and how to use them.


Cable Access Rods

Cable Access Rods are great for running cables under floorboards, in ceiling ducts, trunking and wall cavities. They include hook and ring ends plus a flexi extender to make it easy to attach your cables to and pull through cavities without them detaching and becoming lost. See tip 368.

Rods diagram

Fish Tape

Fish Tape is essentially a reel of wire that has a hooked end for attaching to cables. The wire itself is coiled inside a protective plastic container with a brake handle. See tip 314.

Rods diagram

Steel Tape Measure

You can also use a steel tape measure in place of cable access rods or fish tape, one with an automatic return makes it easier to retrieve the cable back through the cavity space. See tip 141.

Our alienDVR steel 5m tape measure (product code: SER941) is ideal for this, it also features a quick auto return, a belt clip and a sliding thumb lock.

tape measure diagram

Long Reach Pliers

Long reach bent nose pliers (product code: TOO437) make retrieving cables through small holes much easier. The long, slim nose and curved end allow for much more maneuverability. See tip 321.

Pliers diagram

Dymo Label Printer

The Dymo Label Printer (product code: SER107) will keep your cables organised. It allows you to create labels to help quickly identify your tools and cables indicating what the different cables are used for; whether it’s a networking cable, a cross over cable or your composite CCTV Cable. Label your cables and you can avoid having to trace indistinguishable cable back to their devices. See tip 364.

Printer diagram

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