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Use CCTV at home

5 Easy Ways to use CCTV in your home!

You might already be installing CCTV for local businesses but have you thought about marketing it to homes?
Here's 5 ways that CCTV can be used in the home.




Did you know that criminals are 90% less likely to burgle your home if you have CCTV? The presence of CCTV cameras and warning signs acts as a deterrent for criminal activity and lets passers by know that they are being watched. A digital modulator (MOD200) lets you feed CCTV into your TV system to display in any room in the house.

Recommended product – Digital Modulator (Code: MOD200) Coming Soon >>>


Video Doorbell.


You can use a video doorbell to see who is on the other side of your door without having to open it – when your visitor presses the call button, it activates the monitor inside so that you can see them and even chat to them! Ideal for extra home security as it means you don't have to risk opening your door to unwanted visitors.

Recommended product – DoorKnox Wide Angle Door Entry Camera (Code: VDP102) >>>


Deterrent when you’re away on holiday.


Scare off any potential thieves with CCTV gems such as the Voice Off, which can ward off intruders with pre-recorded audio. The VoiceOff can play up to 9999 sounds, including audio of a dog barking when motion is detected.

Recommended product – VoiceOff (Code: VOX300) >>>


Virtual Nanny.


CCTV can be used in the home to easily monitor your children – just imagine being able to keep an eye on your kids playing in the living room while you're working in your office. A discrete covert design such as a PIR or Smoke detector won’t look out of place in most rooms of the house either.

Recommended product – Covert Camera PIR (code: SEE935) or SMOKE (code: SEE940) >>>


Wildlife Watcher.


Your CCTV system doesn't need to just survey people – it can also be used to watch wildlife! Use a wirefree transmitter and mini camera to keep an eye on wildlife activity around your home for hours of entertainment. Great for tracking the movement of badgers, foxes, owls or other nocturnal animals.

Recommended product – Wirefree Camera Kit (Code: MIT304) >>>

Check out our flyer for marketing CCTV to homes – download it for FREE here.

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