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CCTV Help Zone

Our CCTV help centre contains our library of CCTV buyer's guides on choosing the right CCTV equipment from cameras, DVRs, power supply units (PSUs) and more! PLUS our 5 easy way guides provide useful sales advice and CCTV installation tips for any installer, with top tips to save time, save money and increase your sales!

Why not also check out our Jargon Buster for a glossary of all our CCTV terms.

CCTV Buyer's Guide

Buyers Guide

Part 10: Eyeball Cameras

Probably the most popular style of camera thanks to its sheer versatility in terms of mounting it on a ceiling or wall and looking the part both indoors and out.
Buyers Guide

Part 9: Test Monitors

It's important not to waste those precious minutes struggling to troubleshoot an installation problem. A CCTV test monitor is well worth the initial outlay.
Buyers Guide

Part 8: Covert Cameras

A covert camera can be the ideal solution to catch an unsuspecting culprit when they least expect it.
Buyers Guide

Part 7: Baluns

Baluns can make use of an existing network structure in a building by using a single CAT5 cable to send 1, 2, 3 or even 4 real-time video signals from one location to another.
Buyers Guide

Part 6: Video Door Entry

A basic video entry system that works as a standalone system or can be integrated into an existing CCTV system offers an easy add-on sale.

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5 easy ways to...

5 easy ways

...use software to enhance your CCTV

We have a range of software designed for the customer to get the best out of their CCTV installation.
5 easy ways

...get the most out of your alienDVR

We have a range of software designed for the customer to get the best out of their CCTV installation.
5 easy ways

How CCTV can help your business

As an installer, CCTV is your business but here’s a quick list of how you can promote CCTV to help your customer’s business!
5 easy ways

...get CCTV images on your TV screen

Did you know you can watch CCTV on your home TV just like a normal digital channel? Here's how...
5 easy ways

...use CCTV in your home

You might already be installing CCTV for local business but have you thought about marketing it to homes? Here's 5 ways that CCTV can be used in the home.

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