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CCTV Help Zone

Our CCTV help centre contains our library of CCTV buyer's guides on choosing the right CCTV equipment from cameras, DVRs, power supply units (PSUs) and more! PLUS our 5 easy way guides provide useful sales advice and CCTV installation tips for any installer, with top tips to save time, save money and increase your sales!

Why not also check out our Jargon Buster for a glossary of all our CCTV terms.

CCTV Buyer's Guide

COAX cable

Part 1: CO–AX Cable

Choosing the right COAX cable for your job is critical as getting it wrong can mean wasted hours of first fixing that needs redoing when the results are sub-standard.

Part 2: PSUs

Powering cameras and recording equipment in the right way is critical to a lasting & quality CCTV installation. Get it wrong and you could waste hours trying to correct voltage drop issues and interference.
LCD Screens

Part 3: Monitors

Unlike TVs in our own homes, the screen we use to view our CCTV on is often almost an afterthought with little attention paid to some of the details that can make a big difference in ease of viewing recorded footage.

Part 4: Wirefree Transmission

Using wirefree technology to transmit video and audio signals from one point to another is a great “get out of jail” card when cabling is difficult or costly perhaps due to a road or some other obstruction.

Part 5: Microphones

In certain situations, the ability to listen to a conversation or altercation is key, it may even provide valuable evidence that will lead to a criminal conviction.
Video Entry

Part 6: Video Door Entry

A basic video entry system that works as a standalone system or can be integrated into an existing CCTV system offers an easy add-on sale.

Part 7: Baluns

Baluns can make use of an existing network structure in a building by using a single CAT5 cable to send 1, 2, 3 or even 4 real-time video signals from one location to another.

Part 8: Covert Cameras

A covert camera can be the ideal solution to catch an unsuspecting culprit when they least expect it.

5 easy ways to...

Increase CCTV sales

...increase your CCTV sales

In Winter as the nights draw in, customers start to think about security. Here are 5 easy ways to make the most of it and increase your CCTV sales.
Save Time time on your next CCTV job

In the Winter, it pays to be organised and make sure you get your jobs completed by the early afternoon before daylight is lost. Check out our tips and save valuable minutes off your working day.
Increase CCTV sales

...keep your CCTV footage secure

With worries about the Chinese Government having access to CCTV footage and over 1m people being victims of cybercrime each day, there has never been a better time to evaluate your own set up.

...stop interference on your CCTV images

Here are just a few simple checks to make to rule out possible interference on your CCTV system and most importantly avoid any time consuming and costly call backs to site.
Prevent hacking your DVR from hackers

Connecting any device to the Internet means you should always take good care to ensure your device is not compromised and used by hackers. A DVR is no different to any other device and hackers do frequently target them.
5 easy ways

...organise & run out cable

We stock a number of products that help a CCTV installer feed cable through cavity walls, under floorboards, ceiling ducts and any small space. Here we demonstrate what they are and how to use them.
5 easy ways

...Get your CCTV compliant

It's the law for operators of CCTV schemes in commercial properties to register their system with the Information Commisioner's Office and comply with the CCTV Code of Practice.
5 easy ways

...Use CO-AX to send CCTV signals

Send an IP camera signal down a standard RG59 cable, Split and distribute CCTV signals. Here's how.
5 easy ways

...Use HDMI signals in CCTV

The HDMI standard has now replaced VGA and DVI in popularity in the electronics world thanks to its ease of handling high definition video and audio in just one simple connection.
5 easy ways

...get the most from PoE

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a simple method of adding IP CCTV cameras to an existing local area network. Most new builds already have network cables running throughout the fabric of the building so it makes sense to use this.
5 easy ways

...Enhance your CCTV with access control

Use our wireless kits to remotely open doors, switch on lights or see who's visiting and let them in with the DoorKnox.

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