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CCTV Help Zone

Our CCTV help centre contains our library of CCTV buyer's guides on choosing the right CCTV equipment from cameras, DVRs, power supply units (PSUs) and more! PLUS our 5 easy way guides provide useful sales advice and CCTV installation tips for any installer, with top tips to save time, save money and increase your sales!

CCTV Buyer's Guides

Buyers Guide

Part 12: Dummy Cameras

Dummy camera's are a great low cost way to boost the presence of on-site security. They're realistic and most people couldn’t tell the difference between a good quality dummy and a real camera.

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How to fit CCTV

Buyers Guide

Tip 235: Instant Detective vs Motion Detection

What's the difference between Instant Detective and Video Motion Detection?

Answer: Video Motion Detection activates when the DVR senses movement, but it can be unreliable. Instant Detective solves that problem.

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5 easy ways to...

5 easy ways

5 reasons to buy your CCTV online at System Q

Clear product info, a range of payment methods and order until 6pm for next day delivery are just some of the reasons to order with us.

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Jargon Buster

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PTZ - Pan Tilt Zoom

Pan, Tilt and Zoom – a term used for cameras that have the ability to rotate and angle to look at a given area.

The zoom function is from the lens of the camera zooming in and out to focus on an object. Great for monitoring a wide area such as a car park.

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