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June Price Drop
alien DVR

Save up to £75 & Record HD Megapixel CCTV cameras over COAX cable or CAT5


Features Include:

  • Instant Detective Video Analytics

    - Usually only found on DVRs 3x the price!

  • DDNS Server Managed by us

    - For easy setup and great support.

  • Mix & Match CCTV Technology

    - Analogue, HD-TVI & IP Compatible.

  • Megapixel 1080P Recording

    - 1080p@12fps each channel (720@25fps)

  • Friendly GUI & Built-in Help Menu

    - Less hand-holding by you.

  • Class Leading Internet Security

    - Encrypted connection and new ports, one of the most secure DVRs in the world.

Why choose the alien DVRTM?

Blue Disc Menu
  1. Easy to use software, written by us in the UK. Union Jack

    This keeps your system safe and guarantees there’s no attempt to ‘phone home’ like on systems of unknown origin. We can even develop software designed especially for your purpose.

  2. A consistent interface, built by us in the UK. Union Jack

    No matter how often we update our system, the interface will remain clear, crisp and familiar to you. There’ll never be a need to relearn everything from scratch. Phew!

  3. FREE three year DDNS managed by us in the UK. Union Jack

    Unlike other providers who charge a high annual subscription for a DDNS, or insist on a static IP address, the alien MegaHero comes with a free, three year dynamic IP address managed in the UK.

  4. Add-on tools, designed in-house by us in the UK. Union Jack

    Our feature-rich tools allow you to control almost anything, whenever you need to. From remote viewing over the internet, to the ability to operate lights, gates and even loudspeaker messages, the possibilities are endless. Because we write them, we can even add your brand name to the tools.

  5. Outstanding technical support offered by us here in the UK. Union Jack

    All our support team is based in the centre of the UK, so you’ll never get overseas call centre when you need our help. We’re open when you’re out installing, weekdays 8.45am to 6.00pm, and can even offer a remote desktop service to get your DVR set up

There's no wonder everyone loves a MegaHero Logo

alien CCTV

Save £10 on LCD Monitors specifically designed for use in CCTV! now from just £79!

LCD Monitors LCD Monitors LCD Monitors

Features Include:

HDMI / VGA / Audio Input / 240V AC
  • HDMI Input
  • VGA Input
  • 1 Ch Audio Input
  • Anti-Glare Screens
  • HD Ready
  • Built In Speaker

These alienCCTV LCD screens are some of our best sellers thanks to their attractive design, great functionality and low cost. With HD ready displays, they are the professional choice for any CCTV systems where operator viewing for extended periods is required.


The slimline frame around the LCD measures just 20mm and gives the viewer a better display screen without having too bulky a piece of equipment especially if desk mounting.

A built-in PSU makes them a great choice for wall mounting too as they can sit just 68mm from the wall when mounted with one of our low profile VESA 100 brackets such as LCD182.

Featuring HDMI and VGA connections, these models can be flexible for use with a wide range of equipment such as computers, video games, DVD players as well as CCTV use.

LCD818-823 Connections