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Wide Angle Lens Good for Indoor Use


  • Extra Wide Angle Lens
  • 2.8mm
  • CS Mount
  • Suits Most Indoor Applications
  • Manual Iris with Focus Adjust
  • F1.4 Aperture

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These manual iris lenses are ideal for fitting to analogue traditional style CCTV cameras.

Suitable for most indoor applications as the amount of light entering the camera can be manually adjusted using the lens iris ring. If the light level is too bright, the iris can be closed slightly, if too low, it can be opened.

As this adjustment is manual and not automatic, this lens type is not recommended for external applications where the light level varies greatly from day to night time.

Lens size 2.8mm

Please use our free Lens Calculator tool in our Resources section to help with choosing the right size of lens for your installation.

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Package Content

  • Manual Iris 2.8mm Lens

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