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CCTV products for the professional installer. Our recognised range has been designed by ex-CCTV installers for CCTV installers. We've ensured quality, ease of installation and use, at affordable prices!

These products are all distributed next day delivery by an experienced and trusted CCTV manufacturer to over 15,000 installers across the UK for the last 20 years.

We offer full technical support on all our products. You can buy with the confidence that your purchase is backed up with a friendly, competent telephone advice line. With our 100% product testing we help remove “dead on arrivals” making your day run smoother and more effciently. Now with an increased stock holding of £2.4M products ready to ship we can offer you the most consistent supply in the industry, you can have what you want when you want.

We have an extensive range of quality professional CCTV products including:

Quality CCTV cameras, many with the patented NiteDevil low light technology, that are compatible across a full range of Analogue, HD-TVI, HD-SDI and IP. And all of our new HD cameras have a dual output that includes an analogue as well as an HD output This extensive range has many styles from domes, PTZs, eyeballs, traditional or covert.

Affordable DVRs and NVRs with mix & match CCTV technology, it's Analogue, HD and IP compatible! Offering you backwards compatibility to work with existing analogue cameras as well as HD technology making it easy and saves money laying new cable when adding or upgrading new cameras. We offer a wide range that will every customer from a small residential property to a large commercial multi-site installation.

Innovative and reliable CCTV video transmission products to help prevent signal loss, easily transmit wirelessly, convert unbalanced to balance or even send multiple camera feeds down 1 cable!

Maximum performance solid Copper core CCTV cable. Our Antihum branded cabling offers maximum performance over long cable runs! We manufacture the core at TWICE the size of other brands! This means you can use it for TWICE the distance before volt drop. And because we also make it with a solid copper core, the video signal is up to 4X stronger than other copper coated brands!

Extensive range of CCTV accessories to help you customise your installation, we know that no two jobs are ever the same! You&ll find everything from camera housing, PTZ controller, mounting brackets, racking systems, PSUs, CCTV slimline LCD monitors, quad splitters, microphones, IR lamps, audible alarms, PIRs, DPA warning signs… the list goes on and there are 1000’s to choose from!

Quality CCTV specialist tools to make your installation easier. With years of experience we know the right tools can make a difficult installation go faster and smoother, we're all about quality and quick next day delivery! You'll find a CCTV installers essential toolkit and even some treats we know you’ll find handy for your van!

CCTV Help Zone

Need help or advice? Check out our database of over 300 How to fit CCTV guides here, packed full of handy advice, drawings and time saving tips.

Plus we have a team of 8 technicians specialised in networking and CCTV installation that are just a phone call away to offer support and advice. You can even meet them for yourself at our regular training days – check here for the latest CCTV Training Course dates available.

ECatalogues & Manuals

Many of our product catalogues and manuals are available in electronic format making it easy for you to browse on your tablet or phone. Each version is marked as to whether it contains prices so it's easy to download and share the non-priced copies with your customer. Take a quick look...