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Useful Tools

Alien HD Calculator

Alien HDcalc

Simple program that allows installers a fast way to calculate an estimate of the HD size a customer will require based on the number of cameras they want, recording resolution and frame rate to be used.


Lens Calculator

Lens Calculator

Help you calculate the Lens you need with the online lens calculator.

View App

View App

Alien Play


Player software that can be used to playback multiple downloaded video clips from alienDVRs in synchronised time. It can currently playback 4 downloaded videos simultaneously. Easy to use and install.


ZippyDeskTop - Remote Support Software

We make setting up our DVRs & NVRs on the Internet easy!

It's really easy to connect a DVR/NVR to the internet for remote viewing on your phone or PC. However like most tasks if you haven't done it before “easy” can soon become daunting, so why struggle when an expert can be “with you” in minutes?

With our ZippyDesktop remote support software we can help you set up your PC, Router and even DVR/NVR just as if we were sat next to you on site.

ZippyDesktop is a remote connection tool that you download from our website that allows our skilled IT boffins to temporarily connect to your remote PC. Once connected, they can help set up your router, PC and DVR so that you can get your DVR up and running for remote monitoring in a jiffy.

It's simple and safe to do and you have total control of the connection and can terminate it at any point. The software is totally standalone and doesn't even need installing on the PC, as it runs as a standalone executable. So if you're not sure how to get your DVR or NVR set up for remote viewing on your PC or latest smart phone then we can help.

Free! With all new alienDVRs! This handy service is FREE of charge with all new DVRs & NVRs so what are you waiting for?
If you need that extra bit of help we can “be on site” to do it with you!

Request a Session

FREE three year DDNS on managed by us in the UK.

DDNS, sometimes known as Dynamic DNS, it is a service used to configure domain names to dynamic IP addresses. Unlike DNS which only works with static IP addresses.

Unlike other providers who charge a high annual subscription for a DDNS, or insist on a static IP address, the alien MegaHero comes with a free, three year dynamic IP address run automatically on our UK managed server.

Zippy Desktop