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Technical FAQs

Check out some frequently asked questions relating to some of our popular brands.

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Q. What is the username and password default?

These can be found in the manual specific to the DVR

Q. How many PC's can I activate with the CCTVWindow software license key?

Up to 5 installations can be activated

Q. How can I calculate the size of hard drive required for the alienDVR?

The drive size can be calculated using the AlienHDcalc application

Q. How do I search for the Burglary in the footage?

In the menu you can select the 'play' option. Simply search by selecting the camera you want to view, select a date, a start and end time. Proceed by clicking the 'playback' button - this can done using the CCTVWindow software

Q. How do I save the footage?

If there isn't an internal DVD writer then perhaps use a USB interface to connect an external DVD writer to copy the footage.

Q. Why won't the VGA and CVBS outputs display the same thing?

The VGA and CVBS are treated as separate outputs and can be configured independently.

Q. Can you help me network the alienDVR?

Visit the AlienDVR website, "How To" section which gives you help on networking.

Q. Is there any viewing software for the Mac?

You may be able to use CCTVWindows on a Mac is if you use a virtual Windows machine on a Mac with an Intel processor.

NiteDevil FAQs

Q. Tell me how the NiteDevil camera gets these great low light level images?

The advanced electronics in the NiteDevil allows ‘multi frame’ interrogation, effectively increasing the exposure time. Couple this with a high sensitivity CCD and a variable electronic shutter that allows the camera to obtain a picture where a “normal” camera fails.

With the onboard DNS (Dynamic Noise Suppression) system the picture quality, in poor lighting conditions, is maintained superbly . By reducing the level of noise that is visible in the picture higher levels of gain can be used to enhance the picture and having a wide dynamic range allows the NiteDevil to operate in very difficult lighting conditions, such as night clubs.

With all of the excellent features of a NiteDevil camera this makes it the “Go To” choice for virtually all of our customers.

Q. Why should I choose a HD camera?

HD Cameras gives a broadcast quality image that helps with clearer identification on recorded CCTV footage.

HD resolution (1920x1080) is 20x the quality of CIF resolution (352x288) and is much better value for money as you get sharp clarity and superb detail which could be crucial for identifying intruders. See tip 254 for more details.

Q. How can I stop interference on the camera images?

The best way to stop interference on images is to follow the steps in our 5 easy ways guide. Ensure there's enough power for the camera and check your COAX & CAT5 connections. Other equipment & machinery can also have an impact on picture quality. Humbloc ground loop Isolators (Code: CON701) are handy devices that simply plug in and eradicate ground loops problems instantly!

Videomitter FAQs

Q. What is the maximum distance between the transmitter and receiver?

With a standard antenna the distance is up to 200m. check out our full product range of antenna, which can give up to a 1.2km range.

Q. Can two receivers be put side-by-side?

If using several transmitters in the same location try to keep them at least 1m apart. It is good practice to fit directional antennas where multiple pairs are used and this also applies to the receivers, so try and keep them 1m apart.

Q. Can one pair be used to transmit the output from a DVR that has 16 cameras connected to it?

Yes the Videomitter can be used to transmit any analogue video signal including a CCTV image, a DVR monitor output signal, even a satellite receiver output signal. Check the Videomitter electronic manual for more information on how it works.

Q. Can the Videomitter be used outdoors?

Yes this can be installed externally provided a suitably IP rated plastic enclosure to house it is used


Q. How do I adjust the volume?

The VoiceOff has a volume control that is set on installation to match the site requirements. For example, if installing to play a warning message to deter unwanted visitors from a secure parking lot, the volume can be set to maximum as the intruders need to hear the message loud and clear! - Check out Tip 304 for more details

Q. What happens if the alarm is triggered in quick succession?


The original message plays out until it reaches the end of that message (a deliberate feature of the VoiceOFF). If using a VoiceOFF unit to warn away intruders, a message is played when a PIR detects the intruder and the message needs to complete, even if the PIR is re-triggered by a repeated movement. If this feature did not happen, the warning would sound fake, especially if it's cut off midway through and restarts again. Ideally you want people to believe it's possible (even if only at a subconscious level) that it is a message delivery by a real person. Similarly you may be using the VoiceOFF to deliver a welcome message, the welcome message played out in full is more convincing and not if it was cut off midway through the delivery because the unit had been re-triggered by another person.

If you have a special or different use for the VoiceOff that does indeed require instant termination of a message that is playing, of course provision is proved for this with a “re-set” terminal. When connecting the re-set terminal to ground, the message is terminated instantly.

When using the VoiceOFF to play back a pre-recorded message and also using its audio input to deliver a live audio through its audio input connector, this is purposely designed to take control over the system automatically.

For example, if an audio is fed into the phono input, any pre-recorded message that is currently playing will terminate as the operator has chosen to take control and deliver live audio. This could be a supermarket announcing the store is closing in ten minutes using a microphone in the manager's office. The manager's message must take precedence obviously over any other action the VoiceOFF is carrying out and it would therefore interrupt any MP3 audio that is playing from the SD card.

- See more at the VoiceOFF website

Q. Is it OK to install more that one VoiceOFF unit on a site?

Yes, you can extend the area in which the unit can be heard, you can link up to 4 slave speakers to the VoiceOFF unit

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