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UK Designed Software Add-Ons

Zip FinderFree with ZIPNVR

Zip Finder Icon
  • Upgrade camera firmware
  • Quickly find IP cameras on a network
  • Launch cameras in internet browser
  • Edit camera IP addresses and ports

Zip Finder is a great tool for managing your IP cameras. It quickly finds and displays all of your Zip IP cameras on the network.

From here you can modify IP addresses, gateways and ports. Launch a browser window to view and control the camera using the Zip IE client. You can also upgrade the camera's firmware to ensure you're always up to date.

Zip Finder Software

VZip PlayerFree with ZIPNVR

VZip icon
  • Easy to use interface
  • Play H.265 footage from DVR / NVR on a PC or Mac

The VZip Player is a media player which is automatically added to the backup device whenever footage is backed up from the DVR / NVR. VZip Player can be installed on a PC or Mac allowing you to replay footage from the DVR / NVR. This is especially useful as most other media players don't support the new H.265 encoding like the VZip Player does.

VZip Player Software

Zip Desktop Widget

Zip Widget Icon
  • Resizeable liveview window
  • Stays on top of all other programs

Zip Desktop Widget is a simple but extremely useful desktop widget that allows you to have a single camera live on your desktop in a resizeable window. The window stays on top of other applications so that you can keep an eye on key areas like a reception or nursery without breaking from your work.
Find out more at

Zip Desktop Widget Software


Fast Fix Kits - All the accessories you need to get your CCTV system up and running, just add you!

FASTFIX8 includes 100M cable, power supply, HDMI lead, cable clips, connectors and even 4 CCTV Warning Signs. Just add a DVR, cameras and a screen.

Saves over £20 on normal trade prices!

Fast Fix

Did You Know...?

The 'Zip226' has a huge 32 channels so is great for larger CCTV systems.

But it's still ultra easy to fit, just like the others. ZIP226


Attractive ultra-low profile Mini IP-Dome

Ideal for retail or commercial installs for a discreet modern look.

Check out the IP-CAM570B in more detail IP-CAM570B