Top Tips For NVR Systems: How Much HDD Storage Do I Need?

How long will an NVR record for is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends on recording quality, total drive size and the record setting you choose such as 24/7, scheduled or only on alarm activation or video motion PLUS each camera may be set up with different record schedules too. It’s best to overestimate so the customer has plenty of storage capacity and doesn't record over any vital footage.

We fit & commission your Hard Drives & NVR when you place your order so you don’t have to bench test before you go out to site. In fact we test 100% of the electronics items that we sell before shipping.

Zip Model Number Of Cameras FPS HDD Bays Days Recording (4TB NVR) Max HDD Capacity* Max Days Recording
ZIP104 - 4ch NVR, Non PoE 4 25 1 44 6TB 66
ZIP204 - 4ch NVR, PoE 4 25 2 44 12TB 132
ZIP108 - 8ch NVR, Non PoE 8 25 2 22 12TB 66
ZIP208 - 8ch NVR, PoE 8 25 2 22 12TB 66
ZIP116 - 16ch NVR, Non PoE 16 25 4 11 24TB 66
ZIP216 - 16ch NVR, PoE 16 25 4 11 24TB 66
ZIP226 - 32ch NVR, PoE 32 25 8 5.5 48TB 66

*Our NVRs take the latest 8 and 10TB sizes but we’ve based our table on a maximum capacity drive size of 6TB as they currently represent the best value for money.


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