Top Tips For NVR Systems: Site Survey

Top Tip

Always carry out a Site Survey

Carrying out a thorough site survey for your customer may seem like a drain on your time when you could be out installing but in the long run it will pay dividends. Use it to check your customer’s wish list and the following site conditions and keep your customer happy with the final results.

1. Discuss your customer’s concerns in depth so you can gauge the purpose of each camera and what they are hoping to capture. This will help you select the right camera and lens, but also help with the record and storage settings on your NVR too. How long does it take for your customer to realise a theft has taken place and footage needs to be retrieved? Are there any external factors that will affect the storage levels too such as Licensing arrangements in pubs or Data Protection concerns?

2. Check camera positions for the right lens, style, mounting equipment and necessary tools too. Getting the right mounting height is crucial, if you’re monitoring an entrance to another building make sure a lorry doesn’t obliterate the view every time one passes. Simply by being on site you will quickly pick up these circumstances.

3. Lighting conditions – try and time a site survey at dusk so you get a good feel for the ambient lighting level. You may need to consider adding extra lighting or even moving existing lighting if it will interfere with the footage your customer wants to achieve. You can also test out how effective any IR lighting might be in those circumstances.

4. Look at the site infrastructure (take photos even) so you can plan your cable routing in advance and look at power outlets available and possible problems that may need to be overcome.

5. Finally get your customer to agree to your findings and sign them off, it will help manage your customer’s expectations and leave you both happy at the end of the job.

Remember as the saying goes to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail so don’t miss out this crucial step.


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