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A basic Zip IP CCTV system consist of four things.

Need Cameras
Need Cameras
Need Cameras
Need Cameras

The Basics…

There are effectively 2 types of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) - PoE and non-PoE.

Basic Connection on ZIPNVR

Some NVRs don’t have PoE built in as you may want to connect your Zip IP cameras to an existing “local area network” (LAN) rather than running your cables directly from a camera to NVR. If this is the case you can save a little money on the NVR buying one without PoE and then powering the cameras independently via local 12V PSUs or from PoE adapters. Sometimes you may connect some cameras directly to the NVR and some to the network, if this is the case you may still use a PoE enabled NVR but it will only be powering the cameras directly connected to it.

Connecting Your IP CCTV Cameras To The NVR

The simplest, most foolproof way is to use ready-made patch leads. These have the connectors already made off so you don’t have to worry about crimping the ends on and getting them wrong.

We sell ready-made patch leads but in our camera bundles we actually supply them for superfast, super easy installation.

If you want to make up your own leads you need a quality CAT5e cable (such as anti-hum), plugs and a crimp tool. Sometimes you may want to make your own cables so it’s easy to run them out through smaller holes.

If you're not experienced in IP then choose a NVR with PoE & connect your cameras straight to it with our ready-made patch/network leads.
Top Tip IP-BOX005

If you need to thread your cable through holes and difficult locations and don’t think you can use patch leads, think again!

Simply estimate a suitable location you can join the patch cable and then cut the cable at the appropriate length into two. Now thread the patch cable through the holes and route it so both cut ends now meet at a convenient location. Use an IP jointing box IP-BOX005 to join the cables together. It’s much faster than crimping the ends and you can cut the cable shorter maximising system performance!

Powering The Cameras

If you have an NVR with built in PoE it will power the cameras if directly connected to it so you don’t need a PSU.

Powering The Cameras with PoE NVR

Powering Cameras Diagram

NVR models: ZIP204, ZIP208, ZIP216, ZIP226

If you have some cameras connected to the LAN (so it’s not directly connected to the NVR) and the LAN switch is PoE, this may power the cameras if it's big enough. If not, use either a traditional 12V PSU and cable to power it or “inject” 12V power into the cable using our PoE injectors.

Powering The Cameras - Using A Local 12V PSU

Powering Camers with 12v supply

Powering The Cameras - Using A PoE Injector

Powering Camers with Poe Injector

Viewing The Cameras

You can either use a monitor connected to the NVR or a computer, tablet or phone to view it over a network. Some customers prefer both a local monitor and use a PC/phone. From an installer’s perspective you need a monitor at the NVR to help set it up if needed and also check camera angles of view and locations, so we would always recommend a local monitor for this purpose.

A test monitor is also really handy. The Zip cameras and ZipNVR are Plug & Play so there are little if any settings to get them up and running. If you get stuck just give us a call, but it really is straight forward.

Typical Applicaton

Typical Application

Setting Up The Network For Remote Viewing On A Phone, Tablet Or PC

The ZipNVR uses QR codes to set it up over a network. This means for the majority of installations you simply scan the QR code with your mobile phone and it sets up the phone for you with the correct network settings.

1) Once the NVR is setup and connected to a network it can be monitored remotely via a phone, tablet or PC. Simply scan the QR code found on top of the NVR using one of the mobile apps.

Smart Phone with QR Code

2) The network settings will be setup automatically. The NVR can now be monitored from anywhere.

smart phone with NVR software

Note: QR codes don’t work with every single router so you may need to implement port forwarding on it but don’t worry because each ZipNVR comes with free remote router set up with our ZIPPY desktop support software!


It really is that easy to set up the ZipNVR and cameras to create a high performance IP CCTV system.

Choose your cameras based on the features and looks that you want, get the kit on next day delivery and you can literally have it up and running on your kitchen table to try in minutes if you want!

Now you have a good idea of what’s involved with the installation of an IP CCTV system, you can start to select the right kit for the job.


Fast Fix Kits - All the accessories you need to get your CCTV system up and running, just add you!

FASTFIX8 includes 100M cable, power supply, HDMI lead, cable clips, connectors and even 4 CCTV Warning Signs. Just add a DVR, cameras and a screen.

Saves over £20 on normal trade prices!

Fast Fix

Did You Know...?

The 'Zip226' has a huge 32 channels so is great for larger CCTV systems.

But it's still ultra easy to fit, just like the others. ZIP226


Stylish & Compact Eyeball Camera -

With just a 90mm diameter this superb little camera is perfect for shops, offices or modern buildings wanting a compact design.

Check out the IP-CAM800B in more detail IP-CAM800B