Top Tips For NVR Systems: Do I Need A PoE Or Non-PoE NVR?

As mentioned earlier, if in any doubt choose a ZipNVR model with built-in Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This gives you the option to power your cameras directly from the NVR or using the client’s existing LAN. They are a few pounds more but offer more flexibility especially on the day of installation when you may encounter additional difficulties.

Top Tip

Avoid post installation call backs by opting for a PoE model and install your own patch cables to each camera, that way you won’t be called out every time your customer has network issues.


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Did You Know...?

The 'Zip226' has a huge 32 channels so is great for larger CCTV systems.

But it's still ultra easy to fit, just like the others. ZIP226


Attractive ultra-low profile Mini IP-Dome

Ideal for retail or commercial installs for a discreet modern look.

Check out the IP-CAM570B in more detail IP-CAM570B