5 easy ways to enhance your CCTV system with access control products


Add a wirefree keyfob

Use a wirefree keyfob kit to control other devices in your security system such as cameras, lights or garage doors.

Keyfobs Keyfobs

Add a wirefree keypad

A wirefree keypad is a great way to secure an outbuilding, stock room, or even a server room as it restricts access to code holders without relying on locking the door with a key.


Add a wirefree receiver

These 4 channel receiver units are not just controlled by keyfobs or keypads they have their own set of buttons on the front panel to allow easy relay control of a device such as an electronic door release.

Receivers Receivers

Why not wall mount a wirefree keyfob?

The mini 1 channel receiver is small enough to fit inside an alarm panel so why not use a 1ch keyfob in the wall mount bracket as a panic attack button.

Panic button

Add a DoorKnox video entry system

Use the DoorKnox as a standalone system to see who’s at the door or just add the camera into an alienDVR to record who visits and when. The VDP103 camera even has an on board proximity reader for cards and fobs, great for allowing staff access into a business without giving them a key.


And don't forget...

The Kontrol & Kommand module (code: REL008) activates timed relays from an alienDVR to allow a user to remotely open and close electric gates and doors for a set period of time, great to secure gated parking areas.

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