Fast Fix Kits - All the accessories you need to get your CCTV system up and running, just add you!

FASTFIX8 includes 100M cable, power supply, HDMI lead, cable clips, connectors and even 4 CCTV Warning Signs. Just add a DVR, cameras and a screen.

Saves over £20 on normal trade prices!

Fast Fix

Did You Know...?

ZippyDesktop is a remote technical support service that's just like having an expert with you in the room. 1 session is free with every alienDVR purchased too.


Technology Partners

Our alien range of DVRs are now supported by our four technology partners who produce quality software for monitoring of the alienDVRs.

SureView, immix, Merlin and initsys support


Compatible, low cost and reliable CCTV DVRs and NVRs distributed by an experienced UK manufacturer. Great products, great value and great support!

  • Choice of 1, 4, 8 or 16 Channels with Audio!
  • Add up to 48TB* HDD Memory! – FREE fit, format, commission & test with T&D setup! *depending on model
  • Mix & Match CCTV Technology – Analogue, HD-TVI & IP compatible!
  • Megapixel 1080p Recording – Up to 1080p@12fps / 2MP per channel
  • Alarm Relay Inputs & Outputs – To control lights, locks, PIRs, doors and gates
  • Class Leading Internet Security – Encrypted connection and new ports, one of the most secure DVRs in the world!
  • Multiple Video Outputs – HDMI, VGA and BNC
  • Friendly GUI & Built-in Help Menu – Less hand holding by you
  • FREE Set-up Support – We are happy to help you set up the DVR, your PC and Router and also manage your changing IP, all at no extra cost!
  • FREE DVR Software & Apps – Allows you to control your entire system from anywhere and see everything at any time including a mobile phone!

Introducing the latest CCTV alien DVR and NVR Range…with Mix & match CCTV technology, it's Analogue, HD and IP compatible!

There has never been a better time to go HD or upgrade an old CCTV system, the new alien DVR range including the MegaHero, MaxPix and MaxPix+ offer backward compatibility to work with existing Analogue cameras as well as new HD technology.

Our alien DVR range makes it is easy to add new HD-TVI or IP cameras in the future as and when your customer can afford and desires!

DVR Guide

The alien DVR range is not only is it HD resolution to keep your tech-savvy customer happy with the quality of their CCTV pictures, but it features must-have Mix & Match technology that accepts Analogue, HD & IP CCTV camera signals too!

In a recent survey* over 30% of business owners with an existing CCTV system installed said they hadn't upgraded to HD as they didn&t want to replace so much existing working equipment or they just couldn't afford it yet. (*Video Surveillance: Market Trends & Expectations)

The alien DVR range allows your customer to opt for a DVR today safe in the knowledge that their existing analogue CCTV cameras and new HD ones will work too!

New HD-TVI technology makes use of the existing RG59 cabling infrastructure and most accessories too so it is easy for the customer to upgrade step by step.

With all the features you would expect from the alien DVR range including access from Android & iPhone devices, PTZ control and H.264 compression, the alien DVR range is supplied with a free DNS service and free desktop support session so it is easy to get connected to the Internet and monitor your CCTV remotely from the start. 

With options to add handy devices such as the Kontrol and Kommand relay box, the alien DVR range is great for homes and businesses alike as it is simple to remotely activate doors, gates, lights, power switches and the alarm activated VoiceOFF® loudspeaker unit too.

Backing up your recordings is simple and can be done at the DVR itself or even remotely. The alien DVR range is even supplied with a free USB memory stick to aid this.

You can control your alien DVR via a mouse, IR control, keyboard or the alienVision client software supplied with your DVR.

Alarms can be activated for video loss, motion detection, video tampering, video in/out format unmatched, illegal access, network disconnection, IP conflict, hard disk errors and hard disk full. With various alarm handling methods such as pop-up alarm image on monitor, audible warning, notify surveillance centre, trigger alarm output, send email, etc.

The alien DVR range gives you the flexibility to suit most sites you will come across.

The alien DVR range is packed with FREE extras such as:

  • FREE Fit & Format of your HDD including Commission & Testing – Unlike our competitors we don't batch test… All electrical items are individually tested and set-up in-house before we send your DVR out to you!
  • FREE ZippyDesktop Technical Support Session – A remote desktop support session is included with every alien DVR purchase. Use your session to have us completely set up your entire DVR system for you or simply use it for troubleshooting, we can log into your DVR, see and control everything right from our offices.
  • FREE alienVision Client Software CD & Quick Start Guide & Manual - Feature packed software that allows you to control your entire system anytime from anywhere via a network or remote connection. Features such as Instant Detective so you don't have to trawl through hours of footage!
  • FREE alienDDNS - Dynamic DNS means you have no need to pay for a static IP address, have the hassle of setting it all up and you can forget the long and constantly changing IP addresses. All you need is an email address and we do the rest for you!
  • FREE Mobile & Tablet alienAPP - Access, control and view your alien DVR from anywhere in the world via your android or iOS mobile phone or tablet.
  • FREE PushMessenger - Gives you the ability to communicate with your customer after installation. Simply put… PushMessenger can send a notification, like a service reminder, straight to the display screen on their alienDVR.
  • FREE RJ45 Patch Lead & Crossover Lead – A Cable for connecting a compatible network DVR to a full network, and a cable for connecting a single PC to a compatible network DVR.
  • FREE USB Mouse & Remote Control - A three button USB mouse, just plug into your DVR to quickly and easily navigate through the menus or use the remote control.
  • FREE 8Gb USB Stick - Mini size alien branded swivel design USB stick on a key chain. A great gift to leave with your customer for fast back-ups!

To make selecting the right alien DVR easier below is a quick comparison guide to the key differences between our models. But make sure you have first discussed with your customer:

  • Problems they want to resolve
  • Their system requirements (what do they currently have, if anything?)
  • Their budget
  • A future upgrade path to ensure it will suit them in a year's time.
Alien MegaHero 4 or 8 Channel - Small compact size!
The 4 and 8 channel alien MegaHero are both particularly popular models because of their small compact size. Great for installing in tight spaces! Featuring HD quality recording in 720p @ 25fps in real-time on all channels! The 4 channel MegaHero is a quiet model because it doesn’t require a fan, this makes it especially good for installing in homes!
Alien MegaHero 16 Channel - High spec without the high price!
A good all-rounder with up to 16 cameras. Get up to 4TB for under 500+vat. It can be used as a standalone video surveillance product or as part of a powerful surveillance network, making it perfect for home or small business applications. Records HD quality in 720p @ 25fps in real-time on all channels! Has all the versatility of remote monitoring by Internet or Smart Phone just like all alien models.
Alien MaxPix 16 Channel 24TB - Max spec for high-end installs!
Great for high-end installs as the alien MaxPix provides real-time recording on all camera channels and a large capacity for up to 24TB of HDD storage. Choose this model when high quality real-time footage over a long period of time is key. Great for the public sector as it boasts the Instant Detective Video analytics features.
Alien MaxPix+ 16 Channel 48TB - Max storage with all the extras!
Looking for more space and extra IP ports? The alien MaxPix+ has all the features of the MaxPix and more. It can take up to 48TB over 8HDD, records at 1080p @25fps, includes 16ch audio and has an extra LAN port.
Alien MaxHD 16 Channel 12TB – Ideal for high-end SDI installations!
Is the ultimate DVR for high-end retail and domestic installs. It offers all the features you would expect to find in an Alien DVR and records stunning 1080p images at 25fps, something no other DVR on the market can boast!
Alien Hybrid 4 or 8 Channel – Best of both worlds for the current IP and Analogue market!
The Hybrid Range has an on-board video server which gives it the added functionality of adding up to 16 extra IP cameras through a simple LAN connection.
alienDVR alien MEGAHero alien MEGAHero alienMaxpix alienMaxPix+
Model 4ch 8ch 16ch 16ch 16ch
video Inputs 4 BNC (1 LAN) 8 BNC (1 LAN) 16 BNC (1 LAN) 16 BNC (1 LAN) 16 BNC (Dual LAN)
Audio Inputs (Type) 1 Phono 1 Phono 4 Phono 16 Phono
Video Outputs (Type) (2) 1 VGA, 1 HDMI (2) 1 VGA, 1 HDMI (3) 1 BNC, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI (3) 1 BNC, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI
Audio Outputs (Type) 1 Phono 1 Phono 2 Phono 2 Phono
25fps Recording Resolution 720p @25fps Real-time 720p @25fps Real-time 720p @25fps Real-time 1080P @25fps Real-time
Max TB 4TB 6TB 12TB 24TB 48TB (24TB with DVD)
HDD Bays 1 HDD 1 HDD 2 HDD 4 HDD 8 HDD (4 with DVD)
USB Back-Up Yes yes yes yes
DVD Drive External DVD via USB Option External DVD via USB Option Yes Yes
Analogue/IP Inputs 4 Analogue 8 Analogue 16 Analogue 16 Analogue/IP 16 Analogue/IP
Network IP Cameras 1 IP (2MP Max) 2 IP (2MP Max) 2 IP (2MP Max) 2 IP (2MP Max) 2 IP (2MP Max)
eSATA No No Yes Yes
Video Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Size(W x D x H) 320 x 230 x 50mm 380 x 295 x 50mm 445 x 390 x 70mm 445 x 470 x 90mm

*HDD caps based on max HDD size of 6TB

Used in most CCTV system since its invention over 25 years ago. It is strongly recommended that you fit a dual output CCTV camera to allow users to upgrade recording devices to HD in the future.
Usually full 1080P HD quality, this technology offers a great value HD solution that makes use of existing Co-ax cable runs to good effect.
Is the HD standard used in the broadcast industry so as expected it offers great quality images in 1080P and uses existing Co-ax cable too.
Increasingly popular technology making use of a customer’s existing network infrastructure.

How to Future-proof your CCTV system… DVR Technologies Explained

As technology advances daily so do the integral electronics inside DVRs, cameras and peripheral equipment. High Definition (HD) adds a whole new range of choices for installers and end users into the already seemingly complicated CCTV market.

Most legacy systems that are more than 3-4 years old will almost certainly be Analogue and not HD quality so it's important to check when visiting site exactly what technology is being dealt with if your customer is looking to upgrade certain parts of their system.

To simplify choices our alien DVR range has 3-in-1 compatibility with Analogue, HD-TVI and IP so backwards compatibility can be maintained with analogue cameras and future compatibility maintained with HD and IP models.

So if you're looking to do an upgrade job, looking at these future-proof options makes commercial sense as it will give you the opportunity for future HD and IP sales.

CIF vs alien HD Resolution Explained

To do this comparison of CIF to HD-1080P, each image has been scaled so that they are in proportion to the pixels that they are recorded at. So what you can recognise in one image and not the other is the “real world” difference of a CIF DVR to that of the new alien HD DVR range.

Try reading the number plate & identifying the facial features of the man in the pictures below to compare CIF vs HD quality.

CIF Resolution

On a DVR that records in CIF quality, the image below would be effectively scaled to fit the screen and would be blurred and “blocky” the number plates would be harder to read and the man would be less recognisable. The CIF image size is around 20x less than the HD-1080P format and you could fit around 20 CIF images in to the HD one.

Cif image

HD Resolution

Our entire alien DVR range has HD technology that records in the same resolution you would receive from HD-TV at home, this is 1920x1080 pixels.

The car number plates are clearly recognisable and so are the man’s facial features. So if it was displayed on a large monitor you will get the sharp clarity and superb detail you require!

HD image

FREE Alien HDcalc Tool

Is a FREE downloadable program that offers you a fast way to estimate the HD size a customer will require based on the following three factors:

  • Number of cameras
  • Recording resolution
  • Frame rate per second

All three of these factors will determine how much HDD your customer will require. All of our DVRs can be purchase 'bare bones' with no HDD or you can add as many as you require, although some models are restricted to a max number of internal HDDs due to the casing size. But in these instances you can always add external HDDs.

AlienHD Calculator

Alien HDcalc

Simple program that allows installers a fast way to calculate an estimate of the HD size a customer will require based on the number of cameras they want, recording resolution and frame rate to be used.


Professional CCTV surveillance software that allows you to easily control your entire system. Custom built in-house by an experienced CCTV UK manufacturer.

The following software is FREE with every alien DVR purchase!

FREE Alien Vision Software

Feature packed software that we created in-house that allows you to control your entire system and see everything at anytime from anywhere!

It also allows simultaneous connection to multiple DVRs and cameras and therefore can be used for quite comprehensive remote monitoring applications.

This comprehensive client software is suitable for controlling and monitoring multiple alien DVRs and cameras over LAN or Internet. It supports basic functions such as live viewing and playback as well as more comprehensive functions such as detailed search, relay control, remote configuration, multi-layered mapping, and alarm notifications. It is compatible with Windows, and Windows emulators for MAC and can be accessed from a remote computer or from a mobile!

FREE Zippy Desktop

  • Remote technical support makes setting up the alien DVR easy!
  • First support session is FREE with every new alien DVR

With our remote support software we can help you set up your PC, Router and even DVR just as if we were sat next to you on site. Zippy Desktop is a remote connection tool that you download from our website that allows our skilled IT boffins to temporarily connect to your remote PC.

Once connected, we can help set up your router, PC and DVR so that you can get your DVR up and running for remote monitoring in a jiffy. So if you're not sure how to get your Alien DVR set up for remote viewing on your PC or latest smart phone then we can help!


  • Remotely monitor your CCTV from anywhere in the World! All you need is an email address!
  • Server Managed by us - For easy setup and great support

There's no added expense or hassle of setting up a static IP address. All you need is an email address and you can access, view and control your DVR from anywhere in the world!

The alien DDNS creates a hostname that you can easily remember so you can forget the long and constantly changing IP addresses.


  • View your CCTV from anywhere in the world via a mobile or tablet!
  • You can even control your PTZ!

This is an app for an iPhone, iPad and the popular Android phone. It allows remote viewing, PTZ control, relay control and even quad viewing of a camera recording. Use your device to monitor your CCTV system on the move, record footage and even control relay items like gates, door locks, lights or Voice OFF alarms. The perfect accompaniment to an alien DVR!

FREE Push Messenger

  • Send notifications directly to your customers via the DVR!
  • The best salesperson you’ve ever had!

Simply put, Push Messenger can send a notification straight to the display screen on your alien DVR. The notification, one of 4 to choose from, is displayed on screen until the operator reads it and closes it.

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Contact your customers with a message of your choice. New products, special offers, news and much more!

* Note: An additional admin fee is chargeable for each bespoke message sent on your behalf.