Feature Packed !!

  • CCTV Camera with on-board PIR

    Built-In PIR

    In addition to motion detection and an extra alarm input, the RoomWatch™ camera has an on-board PIR with a 8m range to detect moving bodies.

  • Rapid Deploy Cameras in Black case

    IR LED Array

    A useful IR LED array is triggered at night time or when it's dark for a 10M illumination of the area in front of the camera.

  • CCTV camera with 2-way talkback


    The camera's microphone can be used to listen in to an area and is an important part of the 2-way talkback function allowing you to talk directly to visitors.

  • Rapid Deploy Cameras in Black case

    Alarm Input

    Because the RoomWatch™ camera has so many added features to deter intruders, it's also supplied with a useful alarm input that lets you manually trigger the warning strobe and siren. For example, you might use a Panic Button in a shop to warn off a robber.

  • CCTV Camera with SD card recording

    Local SD Card Recording

    RoomWatch™ records directly onto a micro SD card making it ideal for mobile or temporary CCTV recordings.

  • Rapid Deploy Cameras in Black case

    Warning Siren

    RoomWatch™ can be activated to emit a piercing warning siren on alarm or manual activation, ideal for scaring off intruders.

  • Rapid Deploy Camera Kit (White)

    Motion Detection

    Setting up motion detection on the RoomWatch™ camera is an easy way of activating recordings when someone enters a stock room.

  • Rapid Deploy Camera Kit (Black)

    White Light

    In addition to the IR illumination an additional white light can be alarm or manually activated when a person is detected, another great deterrent against intruders.

  • ZipLite DVR Kits

    Talkback Speaker

    As well as picking up audio, the RoomWatch™ camera actually lets you talkback to the camera area so you can welcome visitors or warn off intruders.

  • ZipSUPA DVR Kits

    Alarm Output

    A handy alarm output from the camera lets you triggers other devices too, why not compliment RoomWatch™ with the VoiceOFF® voice annunciator?

  • Zip Xtreme 4K DVR Kits

    PC or DVR/NVR Recording

    In addition to the on-board micro SD card, the RoomWatch™ camera is fully compatible with the Zip range of CCTV recorders and the ZipVision software. The client software can be used to store recordings straight onto a PC or laptop as an easy way to supply evidence to the Police.

  • Rapid Deploy Cameras in Black case

    Warning Strobe

    The white light LED used by the camera for illumination can also be set up to be triggered as a strobe manually or by an alarm activation. Great as a deterrent.

Standalone units or available in money-saving bundles

Zip DVR & NVR Range - up to 4K Output