Covert Cameras

  • Hidden CCTV Cameras in PIR Cases

    PIR Cameras

    A popular style of covert camera as PIRs are easy to mount in the corner of a room and draw little attention as they are "expected" to be there.

  • Smoke Detector Cameras

    Smoke & Ceiling Mount Cameras

    If you've already fitted an alarm PIR in a room a second one would look suspect so these ceiling mount options are a great alternative that won't arouse any suspicion....

  • The ZipDVR range

    Keyswitch Style - 4 Designs

    Great for getting a mugshot as they look part when fitted at head height, this range of "keyswitch" designs look the part when fitted on or next to a door frame.

Module Styles

Retail Styles

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

PTZ 1000x Zoom

Massive Range of PTZ Domes, Keypads, Brackets...

Our most popular PTZ domes are mini in size but big on spec plus we offer a wide range of controllers and brackets to make them extra versatile.

Handy Camera Extras