Video Intercom

A low-cost video entry system that you can even connect to a DVR!

Use as a stand alone system or integrate into the alienDVR to record, control and remotely monitor with other additional features such as mobile phone viewing.

  • Records video (2min) or images (80) of callers onto an SD card*
  • Can control access to 2 doors
  • Up to 4 monitors per system
  • Connect up to 3 CCTV cameras
  • Connect a DVR to its video output

*Integrate to an alienDVR for unlimited video recording, Email images & mobile viewing/control.

DoorKnox is a low-cost but feature packed video door entry system. In its basic format it consists of 1 monitor located inside a property and a camera with a “call-button” on the outside of the property.

When someone presses the call-button it chimes the monitor and the person who is inside the property can see the visitor. A two-way intercom then allows the occupier to chat to the visitor and if they choose to they can then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor come in.

As a stand-alone system the SD card will record 2 minutes or 80 still images every time the call-button is activated, which can be played after the event directly from the monitor or from a PC.

Monitor DoorKnox

Choice of three wiring options!

Its easy to wire a DoorKnox system using the types of cable you use day in and day out on CCTV installations.
You can cable a system using any of the 3 following cables:

Diagram DoorKnox

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What does the DoorKnox do?
In its basic format it consists of 1 monitor located inside a property and a camera with a "Call button" on the outside of the property. When someone presses the Call button it chimes the monitor and the person inside can see the visitor. A two way intercom allows the occupier to chat to the visitor and then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor in.
Q. Does the DoorKnox record the visitor if I’m out, so I can see who’s been? How do I view the images?
Yes it does. It can record a small amount of video (2mins) or around 80 images on an SD card inside the monitor. You can play them on the monitor or you could take the card out and play it on a PC.
Q. If I’m not at home can the DoorKnox remotely notify me if someone is at my property?
Yes it can! To do this you need to link the DoorKnox to the "AlienDVR". The DoorKnox's Call button and video output are connected to the DVR. When someone presses the Call button on the DoorKnox camera it “alarms” the DVR. The DVR records the visitor and can email you three snap shots from the camera to your phone! You could then log into the DVR via the AlienDVR app and see and hear live video and audio!
Q. Wow. Could I remotely open a door using my phone?
Yes using the AlienDVR phone app and its relay controls to open the door. You will need to fit t a suitable electromechanical lock to the door as well.
Q. So one of the real benefits of the DoorKnox is you can link it to the AlienDVR?
Yes, it’s the number one feature, making it a really comprehensive system. Most low cost Video door phones don’t have this system integration.
Q. Can I see the DVR's output on the DoorKnox screen?
Yes! The DoorKnox monitor can accept two additional composite video inputs from additional standard CCTV cameras or a DVR's video output. If the DVR doesn’t have a composite video output you can create one with a composite convertor like the CNV100.
Q. So that means I could play the DVR through the DoorKnox and watch footage on the DoorKnox screen?
Yes you would simply select the auxiliary video on the DoorKnox monitor and you would be able to see the DVR output. The DoorKnox doesn’t control the DVR so you would still need the DVR's remote control.
Q. What other features could be useful to me?
You could add a DoorKnox camera to the DVR directly to get a really low cost CCTV camera that’s also a “doorbell”.
Q. So I can wire a DoorKnox camera to the DVR?
Yes you can! It’s the perfect solution for cameras in entrances and door ways to get a great mug shot of your visitors! The camera just needs 12V power and has a video output that the AlienDVR will see and record straight away.
Q. It is amazing! Can the DVR record sound from the cameras alone if I don’t have a monitor?
Yes it can but you need a few simple additional components to do that.
Q. So if I just have the camera can I use the Call button to directly trigger the DVR as well, again without the DoorKnox monitor?
Indeed!! Again you need the additional components.
Q. Can you get all these features with the DoorKnox on other DVRs than the Alien?
No. Some features like the video may work on other DVR’s (if it’s a multi technology input) but it’s unlikely audio or alarms will work, you need to use the Alien.
Q. Can you use DoorKnox as an access control point with a key pad or entry card?
Yes! We do an external camera unit with both those features! This allows yourself, staff or residents an easy and simple way to enter and unlock a door or a gate.
Q. Is it easy to fit?
Very easy. A basic system uses a four core cable between the camera and monitor so it’s a doddle.
Q. If I don’t have the DoorKnox monitor can I talk directly back to a DoorKnox camera from the DVR?
Not yet but we are working on it!


Basic Video Entry Kit A low cost video entry system. Contains door camera and monitor.

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Did You Know...?

DoorKnox is a low cost but feature packed video entry system. The occupier can view visitors at the door on a monitor, talk via intecom and open a gate release. The secure access door camera can allow entry by keyfob or pin.


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