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Did You Know...?

The NEW range of Scatterbox HD Video Distributors feature QUAD technology to work with four CCTV technologies! Standard analogue, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD! Ideal for distributing a single CCTV camera image across multiple devices!


Handy Quad

Display up to 4 video or CCTV signals to 4 monitors simultaneously with 7 viewing modes.

Order code: QUAD050

Handy Quad

5 easy ways to use CO-AX to send CCTV signals

The below information is for when using the original IP Mules, click to view the HD Mule version.




Believe it or not you can actually send an IP camera signal down a standard RG59 CCTV cable. How you might ask? The new IP-MULE can send up to ten 2MP cameras down just the one CO-AX. Check out how it works here.


Mule 2 - MULE002


Working on CO-AX, the MULE002 is a great way to add a microphone or extra analogue camera to an existing CCTV system. Simply fit a mule at each end of the cable and then add the microphone or camera input, both signals are outputted at the other end ready for plugging into a DVR or monitor. More info here on the MULE002.


Mule 4 - MULE004


Big brother to the MULE2, the MULE004 model will transmit up to 4 analogue video signals down 1 CO-AX but has the superb option to transmit a PTZ data signal too making it easier to swap an existing static camera over to a PTZ. Find out more about its 5 different operating modes here.


Handy Quad - QUAD050


A great add-on for a spot monitor, the Handy Quad takes an Analogue or HD (TVI, CVI, AHD) video signal and splits it into several different screen set ups. Choose from Picture-in-Picture, horizontal and vertical 2 way split, 3 way split (main plus 2 sub), auto-switching, full screen and of course the familiar quad set-up. Order Code: QUAD050.


Scatterbox Distributor


An easy way to distribute camera and other video signals with no or little video loss is by using a quality video distributor such as the Scatterbox range. Great for retail set ups they include the following models: 1 in 4 out, 1 in 16 out, 4 in 8 out, 8 in 24 out, 16 in 64 out (All models are analogue and HD TVI, CVI and AHD compatible). Shop distributors.

& don’t forget…

…for the best result choose a quality CO-AX such as the antihum RG59 range with solid copper cores for maximum performance.