CCTV Mules

  • PoE Switches

    Send multiple CCTV signals
    ...down just 1 cable! ........with CCTV Mules

    Choice of models: HDMI, TVI, CVI, AHD, IP and Analogue.

    These CCTV Mules are a great invention for sending more than 1 CCTV signal (from multiple cameras say) down just 1 cable such as a CO-AX.

    Available in a range of models for HDMI, HD, IP signals they're a really great problem solver if you only have 1 cable to work with.

    The Mule range covers most bases transmitting HDMI, TVI, CVI, AHD, analogue and IP video signals over cables such as CO-AX, CAT5 or 6, alarm or telephone cable and for some models even a LAN.

HDMI Distributors

Video Amplifiers

  • AMP101

    1-CH HD Video Amplifier

    Compact wall mount design allowing you to boost an HD camera signal back to a CCTV recorder or monitor. Installing at the camera end ensures you are amplifying a clear video signal and not a signal that may have picked up intereference along the cable route.

HD TVI, CVI, AHD Quad & Switcher

HDMI Quad & Switcher

CCTV Signal Convertors

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