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HDMI Extender - Extend your HDMI run another 15 metres with the handy Scatterbox extender, it's plug and play and requires no additional power source. Buy 10+ to save £1 on each unit.


Top Tip

BNC, HDMI or VGA not sure which video lead to use? Find out their PROs & CONs and when to use them here in our How to fit CCTV tip number 416.



The NEW HDMI Mule can send HDMI signals over a LAN and even through switches, it even has a reverse IR function to control a DVR from over the network too! Find out how it works here...


Which Video Lead Should I Choose?

Most LCD screens on the market have an array of inputs with which to connect a signal. Sometimes it’s hard to know which is the right one, especially when it comes to connecting CCTV. Here’s our quick guide:


BNC Lead

The industry standard CCTV port for video signals. Ideal for inputting a CCTV camera straight into the back of a DVR or monitor. Commonly used for analogue video inputs as well as new HD inputs they are often marked up on newer equipment differently as:

Use this for an analogue video input from a CCTV camera or to input the signal from older (non HD) equipment such as DVRs, quad splitters or switchers.

Use this for a direct input from a HD-TVI or AHD camera.

PROs – Simple to make a low cost lead from CO-AX cable and a BNC Crimp. Push & twists when plugging in for a good secure connection that’s hard to pull out accidentally. Composite video is easy to duplicate without suffering image degradation using a quality distributor such as the Scatterbox DIST0104 1-4 way distributor for both analogue or HD signals.

CONs – Video only so audio will need a separate input if it is required.


Stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’ and developed by a group of the electronics giants as a standard to interface high quality uncompressed video and audio signals between computer monitors, digital TVs, CCTV and DVD players.

PROs – Works with both video and audio. Has widespread use so easy to interconnect most equipment with no set up. Easy to duplicate the signal using an HDMI distributor such as the HDM308 8 way HDMI distributor.

CONs – Maximum cable lengths are around 15M without using some sort of electronic extender to boost the signal such as the Scatterbox HDM150 Extender that will add another 15M onto the run.


VGA Lead

Popular precursor to the HDMI and as result is still commonly found on most equipment.

PROs – Again widespread use so easy to interconnect most equipment with no set up.

CONs – Limited resolution capabilty so not really suitable for HD equipment without degrading the image. Video only so a separate input is required for audio.

Monitor connection diagram

Don't forget
... a range of video converters are available too if you find yourself stuck on a particular installation.