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    City Centres still crime hotspots

    In the latest crime stats for YE Jan 2020, despite the move to Internet shopping and the supposed 'ghostification' of our town centres they still remain crime hotspots. Perhaps due to the wide diversity of crimes recorded from antisocial behaviour to shoplifting and vehicle damage.

    Do you live in a crime hotspot?

    The "safest" places to live in England & Wales are:
    Brecon Beacons (LD), Harrogate (HG), Hereford (HR), Dorset (DT), Wigan (WN), Salisbury (SP), Sutton(SM), Halifax (HX), Bolton (BL) and surprisingly the City of London (EC).

    Crime hotspots are:
    SE1, CR0, E1, N1, BN1, PR1, FY1, NW1, NG1, NW10.

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    Watch out, watch out there's a burglar about!

    Knocking some areas out of the top positions, these postcode districts in Leicester and London sneak into the top 10 when it comes down to the highest recorded instances of burglary. LE2, LE3, W2 and NW6.

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    Warning - Don't park here!

    The TOP 5 hotspots for vehicle crime (including theft) were the NEC in Brimingham, the Olympic Park in Stratford, Heathrow, Oxford Street and Bluewater shopping complex.

    Who is guilty of leaving their valuable on display in a parked car? Well it's time to think twice.

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    You're nicked! 👮

    In January 2020 the streets with the highest overall crime rates were in and around major shopping centres such as Stratford, Bluewater as well as the usual Oxford, Regent, Bond Street areas. Wallis Road near Heathrow terminal was also recorded and the results all point to shoplifting being the major contributor to the overall stats.

Compare Your Broadband


It's a Postcode Lottery !!

The latest OFCOM stats show where in the country gets the fastest broadband speed. Take a look at our findings and see how you compare...

Here are some of the fun FIBRE facts?

4 of the top 5 constituencies who have full fibre availability are in and around Hull (when calculated as a % of households). Is this something to do with the lack of a BT monopoly there?

More unexpected results in the top 12 include the more remote areas of the South West - Truro & Falmouth, Camborne & Redruth, St Ives and North Cornwall (all over 30%).

Get the full list ...HERE
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    Lucky Devils (over 300Mbits)

    Areas include L10 0, L16 5, L22 1, ST1 1 and L16 0.

    Getting the most out of their broadband services are Liverpool and the Wirral area who have 15 listings in the top 20 of postcode sectors where the highest % of households have ultra-fast broadband.

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    Just Average (30-300Mbits)

    Includes...EC4M, TR22 and W1C.

    Most of us aren't really missing out and score just average on the broadband stakes from the constituencies of South Shields in the North to us in Chesterfield (10th place) across to Arfon in North Wales in 100th place.

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    Well Below Par (unable to receive 2Mbits)

    Areas include TD9 0, S36 4, BT93 2/4, SN5 0 and BT74 9.

    Postcode sectors with the highest % of households unable to receive 2Mbit broadband 'speed' include maybe unsurprisingly the Scottish borders and Fermanagh in Northern Ireland but also Penistone near Barnsley which is slap bang in the middle of the country as well as the area located right next to Royal Wooton Bassett near Swindon.

Ask the CCTV Expert

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    Ask the CCTV Expert - Your Questions Answered

    On many installations you will often find that the CCTV has to cover areas that are hard to cable, typically where the main CCTV system is in one building but other satellite buildings also need to be covered by CCTV.

    So how do you get a CCTV camera image from A to B with no cabling inbetween?

    One option is simply to cable them, but this could involve digging trenches or running overhead catenary wires. This can be both costly and disruptive which is where a wireless CCTV link is by far the most attractive solution.

    Our resident CCTV expert outlines the options available to a cabled system.

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    A relatively new development in recent years, clever advances in biometrics mean they can now be used to look for human characteristics within CCTV images and then go on to store these images for further processing to ID someone.

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