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5 ways that CCTV can help your business

Posted 11 May 2019 System Q.

In the latest 2019 Retail Crime Survey by the BRC (British Retail Consortium), Helen Dickinson OBE reported...

The total cost of crime has again increased - to around £900million...
...Retail crime presents a clear threat to the jobs and community cohesion our industry provides, and our partners must do more, and more quickly, to confront this.

CCTV doesn't just help with shoplifting it can help in other ways too...

  1. Deterring Intruders The appearance alone of a CCTV camera reminds people that their movements are being watched. The public are 90% less likely to intrude/trespass on your property if there are CCTV security cameras installed in plain sight. Some businesses even opt for decoy cameras such as the realistic decoy dome with glowing IR LEDs (search model DKY040) - paired with CCTV warning signs to act as a deterrent in the same way or for an added CCTV presence at a lower cost. You could also pair your CCTV camera with the VoiceOff (link here) to warn off intruders with recorded or live audio!
  2. Stopping Theft CCTV cameras are very useful for minimising theft in shops. You can monitor shopper activity from a control room, keeping an eye on shoppers who are pocketing items without paying for them. Having already watched them commit the crime on your CCTV system, this gives you time to make sure the shoplifter is confronted and the goods returned to the store. The video footage captured also proves the thief's guilt and can be used as evidence in court if needed, leaving no room for argument!.
  3. Preventing Vandalism. The presence of a CCTV system can make a potential vandal think twice before causing damage to your property. If vandalism occurs, CCTV footage will help you to identify the criminal and press charges for the damage. This acts as a deterrent, particularly for repeat offenders or serial vandals as they know they may get caught and possibly identified as the culprit for other crimes. We recommended Anti-Vandal models to protect your CCTV system from damage as they have robust designs and are housed in tough, metal casing that is extremely difficult to smash!
  4. Keeping a Close Eye on Staff. CCTV can prevent fraudulent claims as it is easy to prove that an employee or customer is making a false claim if they have been captured on CCTV. Eg. If an employee is claiming for a work related accident and the footage proves that it is the employee, not your business, that is at fault or if a customer has complained about an interaction with an employee. Monitoring customer-employee interactions can also help you protect your employees, allowing you to act instantly if a customer or intruder is abusive towards a member of staff. Security can then move quickly to manage the situation effectively, meaning that there is less risk of injury or harm to your employees. It's worth checking out our microphone range to add audio to your CCTV system, allowing you to monitor conversations between staff members or customer and employees.
  5. Monitoring Unmanned Entrances or Reception Areas. You can install a CCTV system that can monitor the entrance of your business without having a member of staff on reception to meet visitors, for example, the DoorKnox Video Entry System (link here)which consists of a camera and a monitor. This can be used as a standalone system to see who is at the entrance and wants access or simply add the camera into a DVR to record who visits and when. Some camera models even have an on board proximity reader for cards and fobs, which is great for allowing staff access into a business without giving them a key. You can also use the VoiceOff to play an audio message to welcome or inform the visitor. Eg. Welcome to [YOUR BUSINESS NAME]. Please take a seat, someone will be with you shortly.

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