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Rascals to the Rescue !!!

These new little rascals are a great way to get you out of a scrape when it comes to a tricky install. Our new range of isolation relays, delay timers and voltage boosters are the perfect solution for interfacing different parts of your security, CCTV and door entry systems together to help get brilliant customer satisfaction.

Starting at just £5, the 1ch Opto-Isolating relay (HRM100) can be set up in minutes to release a maglock when 12V is applied. Also available as 2, 4, 8 and 16ch relays you could use them to switch a light on when 12V is applied or removed too!

The Rascal Multifunction Timer (HRM250) really is a “superhero”, it boasts up to 18 functions and has 2 adjustable timers plus an LED display for easy setup. An adjustable delay of 0.005s to 270 hrs plus continuous and numbered loop settings make it a great way to activate sounders, open electric gates, release door locks or control lighting. Wow what a guy!

“Mini-me” to no one the Rascal Handy DC-DC Voltage Booster is tiny at just 64x35mm so it can easily be disguised in other equipment. With 5-30V adjustable input and output it also has a handy LED display so you can see the voltage readings as you work.

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Our Brand New Big Book of CCTV is packed full of products, tips and special offers that will make designing your CCTV System a breeze!

It is filled with over 1200 products, with everything from CCTV Cameras, DVRs, NVRs, GDPR compliant signage, cables, clips and connectors.

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Great Deal vs Ideal - you decide

Ask the CCTV Expert! Although most 12V DC CCTV cameras will still operate with a slightly lower voltage, if the feed drops below 10V it is likely to manifest in symptoms such as colour loss or no picture at all. Apart from moving your power supply closer to the camera, what else could you do?

Opt for a dual voltage camera and use 24V AC to get nearer double the cable run.

SEE220 CameraSee the anti-vandal dome model SEE220 for just £99+VAT.

…OR increase the voltage output using any of these handy devices:

1) The POW404 4ch PSU has an adjustable voltage from 12 to 14.9V DC and costs just £13.90. POW404 PSU

2) Use the little VoltDevil (POW061 £9.90) at the end of a 24V AC cable to drop the voltage down to 12V DC for your camera. POW061 VoltDevil

3) Try the new Rascal Handy DC-DC Voltage booster (HRM402 £14), it’s tiny and can boost an output voltage right up to 30V DC. It even has a built in LED voltmeter so it is well worth getting one for your toolbox.

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Sudoku is easy - Fill each row, each column and each 3x3 grid with all the digits from 1 to 9 with no repeats

Enjoyed that? Then why not check out our lunchtime competition puzzle every day between 12-2pm. One lucky winner gets a £20 cash prize every day by being the first to complete it.

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Breaking News

The latest crime figures are in for 2017-18, and we have both good and bad news.

First, the good news. In 2017-2018, only 2 in 10 adults were a victim of crime, which is a massive drop from the 4 in 10 adults who experienced crime in 1995. There has been a reported drop in firearm offences, as well as a 30% decrease in computer misuse.

However, this large drop in computer misuse has masked some alarming changes in other types of crime. Knife and sharp instrument offences, for example, are at their highest recorded level since data started being recorded back in April 2010. Last year there were 39,332 offences reported with a

staggering 90% being either robberies or violent assaults. Below are the latest figures at a glance:

Crime Stats

But don't worry, there are plenty of things that you can do TODAY to help protect yourself and your property, whether it’s business or domestic!

Past studies have claimed that CCTV can have an impact on crime, such as:

  • Overall crime decreased by 51% in car parks with operating CCTV compared to ones without.
  • 15 City Centre projects reported a 10% fall in crime in locations with CCTV Surveillance.

Plus, there's even more you can do to make your CCTV System more effective. Have you considered:

  • Adding a VoiceOFF unit - Deter criminals with recorded messages.
  • Dummy Cameras - Increase the presence of your CCTV on a budget

Get your CCTV System living up to its maximum potential today, call us on

01246 200 000

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