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Don't be caught without the right connector & SAVE £60!


  • Top 10 Best-Selling CCTV Connectors
  • Less than 13p each
  • 1000 Connectors
  • Save 32% on standard trade prices

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TOP 10 Best-selling 1000 Connectors!

This handy collection of our top 10 most popular CCTV connectors will save you hours searching in your van for the right one, it even saves you £60 too!

1000 connectors for £130 that’s only 13p each!

Normal trade price £192.40

200 x BNC 3 piece Crimps

Best-selling 3 piece BNC crimp with brass centre-pin, ideal for making off standard RG59 into a BNC Plug.

100 x BNC 2 piece Crimps

Easy fit BNC crimp with just 2 pieces for faster crimping. Only the outer ferrule requires crimping.

100 x Zulug DC Socket to Terminal Strip

A fast way to make up a  2.1mm DC Socket lead with multi-cre cables such as CAT5 or alarm cable.

100 x Zulug DC Plug to Terminal Strip

The fastest way to make up a 2.1mm DC plug and lead. Simply wire 0 and 12v and it's done.

100 x BNC to Terminal Strip

This easy to wire Zulug is a fast way to make a BNC plug on a multi-core cable such as CAT5 or alarm.

100 x BNC Plug to Phono

Adaptor for converting a Phono plug used as a Video Out connection on many CCTV devices into a BNC plug.

100 x BNC Socket to Phono Plug

Converts a BNC plug into a phono plug, ideal for plugging into SCART adaptors and AV equipment such as the latest TVs.

180 x RJ45 Plug

A popular network connection plug found on routers & IP cameras. 8 position, 8 contact crimp on.

10 x RJ45 Coupler

Handy coupler that connects & easily extends 2 RJ45 plugs or cabls. An 8P8C design suitable for networking.

10 x RJ45 to 8 Screw Terminal

This NEW ZULUG adaptor has an 8 way terminal strip allows quick conversion into an RJ45 plug.

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Package Content

  • 200 x BNC 3pc Crimp
  • 100 x BNC 2pc Crimp
  • 100 x DC Connector Plug to T-Strip
  • 100 x DC Connector Socket to T-Strip
  • 100 x BNC Plug to T-Strip
  • 100 x BNC Plug + Phono Socket
  • 100 x Phono Plug + BNC Socket
  • 180 x RJ45 8p8c Plugs
  • 10 x RJ45 8P8C Coupler
  • 10 x RJ45 Male to 8 pin Screw Terminal

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