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Standard BNC 3pc Crimp Plug - Box 1000

Standard BNC 3pc Crimp Plug - Box 1000
Thumbnail image for item Standard BNC 3pc Crimp Plug - Box 1000 Thumbnail image for item

Popular Standard 3-Piece BNC Plug - Crimps on in seconds!


  • Our Most Popular Connector
  • Box Of 1000
  • Great Results
  • Individually Wrapped

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BNCs are the connector of choice in the CCTV industry thanks to their “twist and lock” style that prevents cables being easily pulled out from the back of equipment. With BNC sockets found on the rear of most CCTV equipment, BNC plugs are the most popular CCTV connector style.

Available in a range of styles to suit different cables, choose from:

Crimp on 3 piece – The most popular style include a centre pin to crimp to the centre core of the RG59 co-ax cable, a main body of the plug and finally a ferrule that crimps the plug to the out cable sheath. Requires a special BNC crimp tool such as the TOO980 Ratchet Crimp.

  • Code CON430 PK100
  • Code CON430K BOX 1000 (this model, zinc alloy)
  • Code CON450 PK100 (nickel plated brass, each plug individually wrapped)
  • Code CON441 PK100 (MINI Crimp for MINI RG59 cable, requires TOO980 Ratchet Crimp Tool)

Crimp on 2 piece – identical to the 3 piece design but slightly faster to fit as the centre pin is supplied as part of the main plug body. Only the outer ferrule requires crimping. Suits RG59.

  • Code CON460 PK100

Twist On – Easy to fit BNC plug that requires no special tools and is simply twisted on to RG59 by hand. Useful to have in the toolbox in case you misplace your Crimp tool.

  • Code CON428 PK100

Multipurpose – this plug design suits multicore cables such as CAT5 and alarm cable. The plastic sheath hides a built in screw terminal for easy wiring.

  • Code CON420 Straight PK100
  • Code CON425 Right Angled PK100 (Great for tight spaces behind equipment)
  • Code CON21 Right Angled PK10

Zulug Terminal Strip – another BNC suitable for multicore cables such as CAT5 and 4 core. Features an easy access 2-way terminal strip for easy wiring.

  • Code CON382 PK100

A variety of BNC plug adaptors are also available to convert and split BNC inputs in our CONNECTOR section.

Did You Know?

BNC stands for Bayonet Neill-Concelman.  Bayonet refers to the connector’s style and Neill-Concelman refers to the two Bell Labs engineers who developed it, Paul Neill and Carl Concelman. This useful connector that twists and locks was also used on Naval Vessels giving BNC a secondary name of British Naval Connector.

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Package Content

  • 1000x 3 Piece BNC Crimps

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