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Data Compliance Kit for CCTV Schemes

Data Compliance Kit for CCTV Schemes
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The simple solution to getting your CCTV system Data Compliance Ready!


  • Step-by-step compliance guide
  • Handy kit packed with essentials
  • Includes 20x DVDs, warning signs & more!
  • Easy solution - all in one box!
  • Data Protection Act summary

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Under the Data Protection Act 1998, any property owner with a CCTV system has certain requirements to meet. This includes warning the public that a CCTV system in place; allowing them access to footage they are in; keeping footage secure so that it cannot be stolen, lost or damaged; not keeping footage longer than is necessary for a crime to come to light & more.

 Keeping your CCTV footage safe, organised and data compliant has never been so simple with our Data Compliance Kits! All in one box, you will have access to essential items that will help you get your CCTV system Data Compliance Ready in a few simple steps.

 The kit includes:

  •  Guide & Summary – To get you up to speed quickly with the Data Protection Act and your responsibility as a CCTV user.
  •  Paper Forms & Logs – Helps you to keep your CCTV organised and allows easy, clear documentation of incidents.
  •  Protective Folder for Log – Helps prevent wear and tear to important CCTV documents.
  •  CD Copy of Documents – For easy reprints.
  •  1 x A3 Warning Sign, 1 x A4 Warning Sign, 20 Warning Stickers – Warns the public that they are being monitored by CCTV, which is required by the Data Protection Act.
  •  20 x DVDs with Protective Disc Cases – Back up your footage to DVDs to keep your CCTV data safely stored, organised and ready to supply as evidence at any time.
  • 20 x Disc Evidence Stickers – Useful so you can clearly label the time, date, location and any other information regarding an incident. Prevents data mix-ups or destruction of important footage and helps you to identify any out of date footage.
  • Storage Box – Keep your kit in one place so that it doesn't get lost, stolen or damaged.

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Package Content

  • Data Compliance Log Book
  • 20 x CD/ DVD Evidence Stickers
  • 20 x Blank DVDs
  • 20 x Data Compliancy Ready Stickers
  • 1 x A4 CCTV Warning Sign
  • 1 x A3 CCTV Warning Sign

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