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Get HD CCTV images on every TV in your property with the new HD Scatterbox modulator


  • Puts CCTV on your TV
  • Adds functionality to a home CCTV system
  • Ideal for CCTV video & sound footage
  • 1080P HD Quality Images
  • Low voltage can be hidden in the loft
  • Works with any HDMI input such as satellite TV

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Most homes still have a Co-ax as a way to distribute TV signals from the aerial to the various TVs within the property. The Scatterbox modulator (code: MOD200) allows you to make the best of this set-up and use it to distribute your HD CCTV through the same Co-ax network.

It works by allowing the HDMI output of a DVR to be converted into a digital RF signal or “Digital TV channel” so you can distribute it around a home and watch it on any TV just like it’s an actual digital TV channel.

The modulator produces a high quality HD 1080p picture far superior to an analogue modulated signal and with all new TVs contain a digital tuner it’s a great way to distribute CCTV in a home or a commercial building via Co-ax.

Because the HDMI input to the Scatterbox modulator also carries sound and video, any connected TVs will also be able to playback sound from the DVR or other device too.

It’s extremely useful for distributing the output from DVRs (or other equipment such as a Satellite box) to multiple “TVs” in commercial environments such as pubs or clubs as it can all be done over low cost Co-ax using an off the shelf RF distributor.

Featuring an HDMI loopthrough the DVR or NVR signal input can easily be run on to another location in the property, handy for connecting a local monitor.

The MOD200 has to process and digitise the HDMI input from the DVR and this creates a small delay or “latency” in its output, this is typically in the region of 200 milliseconds. This means the TV picture would be around 1/5 second behind what the DVR’s output is doing. It’s very similar to the latency you get with IP camera systems.

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Package Content

  • 1x Digital Modulator
  • 1x 12V DC PSU
  • 1x RF Terminator
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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