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Mix pallet for wholesalers... Great saving for bulk buying!


  • Save s by bulk buying
  • Includes Best Sellers
  • Ideal for bulk users or wholesalers
  • FREE Pallet Delivery

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Mix pallet of various cables, ideal for wholesalers.

Comprises of:

CAB050 RG59+2 100m black   20 off,

CAB051 RG59+2 250m black  10 off,

CAB060 PTZ Combo 150m  2 off,

CAB072 RG59 250m black  8 off,

CAB080 RG59 100m black  10 off,

RG59 co-ax
The RG59 is a co-ax type cable ideal for bringing video signals back from cameras to other CCTV equipment such as DVRs, quads and monitors.

It only loses approximately 2.5dB of video signal over a 100 metre run.  As a rule of thumb, the maximum loss should be kept under 6dB.  This means a massive cable run of 240 metres can be achieved without the use of an amplifier.  Using one of our video amplifiers (code: CCT210 and CCT214), runs of up to 500 metres can be achieved.
The RG59 co-ax has a 0.7mm copper core to give maximum video quality on longer cable runs and is shielded with a glued foil sheath to protect against interference.  This also prevents the problem of loose foil shorting to the centre-pin.

RG59+2 Composite
Our best selling RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving you installation time and money fitting 1 cable instead of 2!

The two cables run in shotgun style can easily be separated to allow the power cores to be taken to a power source leaving the RG59 to be crimped for connection to a DVR, camera or monitor.  The power cores are 0.15 x 24 stranded to prevent interruptions and are colour coded red 12V and black 0V to avoid any errors in connection.  These power cores can also be used to run 24V AC.

PTZ Combo
Our PTZ Combo cable allows you to send power, data and a video signal down just the one cable, perfect for PTZ installations!

Using one cable for all 3 functions saves you installation time and money fitting one cable instead of three

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Package Content

  • 20 x RG59+2 Composite Cable 100 Metres
  • 10 x RG59+2 Composite Cable 250 Metres
  • 2 x PTZ Combo Cable 150 Metres
  • 8 x RG59 Cable 250 Metres
  • 10 x RG59 Cable 100 Metres

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