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KitVault Medium DVR/NVR Enclosure

KitVault Medium DVR/NVR Enclosure
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A mid sized DVR/NVR Enclosure to keep CCTV footage safe, featuring a Removable Lid & Door for easy engineer access to the equipment inside.


  • Tough steel build with attractive finish
  • Handy bolt holes for wall mounting
  • Handy fan slots for cooling equipment
  • Lockable with a spare set of keys
  • Multiple cable entries for in/out cabling
  • Removable lid and door for easy access
  • Polycarbonate viewing window
  • 3 other sizes also available
  • Stackable design to add extra equipment
  • Suits most 8 or 16 ch DVR/NVR models

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This medium size CCTV equipment enclosure suits larger 8 or 16 channel recorders typically housing multiple hard drives to keep them secure from tampering by unauthorised personnel or intruders. The latest data protection regulations call for personal data to be protected and this includes CCTV footage; in fact the CCTV Code of Practice states that all recorded CCTV images must be...

"securely stored, where only a limited number of authorised persons may have access to them"

A usable size for most DVR & NVR brands on the market with sufficient space for connectors and cables to be easily accessed at the rear thatís made even easier by a removable lid and door that allow quick access to cable and connect up your equipment.

Rear and side fan slots allow for up to 3 easy-fit fans (code FAN012) to be slotted in, ideal for keeping the hard drives inside equipment cool and running for even longer.

Measuring W490xD471xH150mm, the VAULT300 can be permanently bolted to a wall when sat on desk or worktop thanks to handy boltholes so not only the recorder but the enclosure too are safe from the risk of theft.

The KitVault range has a unique design that allows both the door and lid to be removed whilst an engineer is installing or maintaining the equipment inside. Once work is done it intuitively slots together and locks resulting in a secure equipment cabinet. It can save valuable engineer's time on service visits.

Using a KitVault enclosure is even easier than rack mounting as you have clear access to the rear of the recorder making it easy to plug in your BNC and other leads so there's no more trying to reach into the back of racks to find the lead you're looking for.

Each model features handy fixing holes that let you bolt the enclosure to a the wall behind it making it hard for an imposter to simply pick up it and walk out with it.

The units are designed to be stackable too with feet indentations on each to give extra stability. This is ideal for hiding away ancillary equipment such as distributors, power supplies, baluns and excess cabling and helps keep the installation neat and tidy.

The Kitvault range includes 3 more sizes too!

The extra compact VAULT100 is designed for smaller 4ch or 8ch DVR and NVR units and to keep it extra secure it is designed without a viewing panel or fan slots.

The Smaller VAULT200 model features a clear viewing panel and suits 4 or 8 channel models but has slightly more room all round than the Extra Small model so it can accommodate up to 3 extra cooling fans. It has cable entry from the sides to make it ideal shelf mounting.

The larger VAULT400 model can accommodate the largest of DVR or NVR models often fitted with multiple hard drives such as the 2U rack sizes. It again has a tough polycarbonate viewing panel and 3 fan slots.

The complete KitVault range of enclosures comprises...

  • Extra Small - code VAULT100 (H)95mm x (W)384mm x (D)328mm
  • Small - code VAULT200 (H)150mm x (W)430mm x (D)368mm
  • Medium - code VAULT300 (H)150mm x (W)490mm x (D)471mm (*this model)
  • Large - code VAULT400 (H)150mm x (W)564mm x (D)597mm

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Package Content

  • KitVault DVR/NVR Enclosure
  • 2 x Keys

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