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A loudspeaker unit that will play back messages when it receives an alarm input.


  • Up to 10 alarm inputs
  • Powerful 10W output
  • Sounds stored on SD card
  • IP65 rated external use
  • Download sounds or record your own
  • Automatically triggered by alarm inputs
  • Use as a talkback amp with DVRs
  • Talk live with a microphone
  • Stores 9999 pre-recorded sounds
  • MP3 compatible

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The VoiceOff is an alarm activated voice or sound warning unit that has 10 separate alarm inputs to trigger up to 10 different sound recording files and with the new added feature of an RS485 or RS232 input can trigger up to 9999 sounds!!!

The unit even boasts a line-out connection so it can be used to talk back to a visitor or intruder in an area when used with a simple microphone. The alienDVR allows this function to be carried out remotely  over the internet using its alienVision software. Imagine being able to warn off an intruder at your business when you’re miles away, what would you say?

Housed in an IP65 ABS casing, the VoiceOff can be fitted in or outdoors and the volume is fully adjustable to suit the environment. Cabling is simple as the unit is low voltage 12V DC  (115mA standby / 350mA Max in use).

Works with: PIRs, Door Contacts, Panic buttons, Break beams, Push buttons & Pressure Pads.

Pick a message or sound that fits your needs:

Welcome:  Use the VoiceOff to promote your business, sound promotional messages when a customer enters an area of the store. "Welcome to Groves Garden Centre..."

Inform:  Use with a PIR at a constuction site to inform staff about risks in the area where health & safety is paramount. "hard hats must be worn in this area."

Deter:  Use with a PIR to trigger a pre-recorded sound file of a police siren to scare off intruders. Great in areas that are prone to vandalism.

Warn:  Use with a PIR or break beam to trigger a warning message when an intruder is detected. You may record your own messages! "Warning, intruder detected..."

Watch the video to find out more:


See a full list of available sound files and features at


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Package Content

  • Voice Off Unit
  • Micro SD with Sound Files

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