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The ZIPnvr is Easy to Fit and Easy to Use...The Perfect IP CCTV System for the Trade Looking to be Different from Their Competitors


  • Easy to set up & easy to use
  • H265 - Compression
  • Up to 4K Recording & Output
  • Free Software (5 licences)
  • Free UK Managed DDNS
  • Non Power Over Ethernet Model
  • UK Features & Design - Easy to Use
  • Free Remote Setup (if required)
  • SMART Line Crossing Detection
  • SMART Missing Object Detection

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If you are looking for POE features please take a look at the ZIP2 NVR.

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The new ZIP IP range of IP cameras and NVRs has been designed with both the CCTV installer and end-user in mind, it's simple to fit and very easy to use.

There are two types of ZIP NVR, a Power Over Ethernet model "PoE" that powers your IP cameras directly (ZIP2xx models) and a lower cost non-PoE model listed here. Typically you would use the non-PoE models where you can't directly connect your ZIP IP cameras to the ZipNVR, for example on a large existing corporate network that you are piggybacking onto to get your signals back to the NVR. In this case, because the PoE will not go through an existing network to power the ZIP camera, the PoE switch is a little redundant so the non-PoE model saves you money.

If you are using this non-PoE model you will need to power your cameras separately and you can either use a 12V PSU, a PoE injector or if the LAN you are installing on already has spare PoE capability you can use that.

All ZIPnvrs record stunning quality video and suit most commercial and domestic requirements.

You can set up the ZIP to record at a frame rate and quality that suits your individual requirements but typically it is used at 4MP at 12fps on each camera. The ZIP will even record up to 4K video for recording rates across the range.

Setting up remote viewing is really easy. Simply scan the ZipNVR's QR code with a smart phone and the phone connects to the ZIP with no port forwarding required. If you still want to set up the ZipNVR the traditional way using port forwarding this is still an option and each ZipNVR comes with 1 free desktop set up for port forwarding.

The ZipNVR menu system is extremely easy to learn and use and has been designed in the UK over a 2 year period to be intuitive and simple to master. Most actions can be completed in just 3 mouse clicks and there are even help guides built in to make your user experience even better.

Each ZipNVR comes with "ZipVision" software for remote monitoring via a computer. The software is supplied with 5 licences and has also been UK designed so it's very easy to learn and feature packed. ZipVision boasts many features such as local PC recording, emails, eMaps, remote camera upgrade, Covert mode, exporting "Police-ready" files (AVI), VMD, Line Crossing, Basic face detection (in the ZIP cameras) and more.

It's a great piece of software for a great NVR.

For extra peace of mind, the NVRs have inherently strong security features built-in as well as a handy password reminder system for "self help" password recovery.

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Package Content

  • Hard drive Screws Supplied
  • 1 x Software CD
  • 1 x Remote
  • 1 x Computer Mouse
  • 1 x Power Supply Provided
  • Batteries Included (2 x AAA)
  • Instruction Manual Provided

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